iCloud Locked iphone

How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

If you are iPhone is iCloud locked that means your iPhone can not be used.

Did you recently buy a used iPhone and then realized it is iCloud Locked? or did you just forget your iCloud account username and password?

iCloud Locked?

iCloud Lock means that your iPhone is not active. This feature protects your data in case your iPhone gets stolen.

It can only be activated by using original iPhone owner iCloud credentials. If your iPhone is iCloud Locked, it basically means that your iPhone is useless. So even if it gets stolen, iPhone won’t operate.

iCloud Iphone

If your iPhone has “Find my Device” installed on it and it has an internet connection, you can even trace it if it gets stolen.

Unlock/Activate your iPhone

Are you the original owner of the device? if you are, you can just gain back access by recovering your password through the iCloud official website. They will ask you about your birthdate and the security questions which you provided.

If you are not the original owner, take your phone to the person from whom you bought it, ask them to add their credentials. After activation ask them to remove their iCloud and reset the device. Add your iCloud credentials on the device.

Dr fone iCloud Locked iphone

No contact with the original owner? Worry not, there are plenty of 3rd party websites that are willing to bypass iCloud locked iPhone for money. Pay them and they will bypass it and remove their iCloud for good.

You can also bypass it by using dr.Fone. it can help in recovering data from your phone also.

How to avoid this?

Add some extra security measures like:

  • Never forget your email.
  • Add your phone number.
  • Always remember your Security question answers.
  • Don’t buy iCloud locked iPhones.
  • Always ask them to remove their iCloud before buying.
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