Victoria 3 Review

Victoria 3 Review

There have been many new games coming out recently and mostly they all are dominating in their own Genre. A certain game by the name of Victoria 3 recently got some hype and mostly around Crusader Kings fans. 

It is a game that is most like other Economy Building Games from a top-down view but there are certain twists here and there that make this game that darn exciting. A question that comes to your mind is whether to play Victoria 3 or not. Well, there is a good reason for your to try this game out, and to further clarify we have here a complete Victoria 3 Review in our Gaming section.

About Victoria 3

Just as the name suggests, Victoria 3 is a game that takes place at the time of Victoria called the Victoria Era. This time is the perfect mixture of old and futuristic age, making it the perfect center for strategic games. 

Paradox Interactive went all out on this one, bringing a simulation game that requires your knowledge of diplomacy, politics, and the economy. Every step and every decision you take can affect millions of people because society is in your hands.

The gameplay of Victoria 3

Victoria 3 is at the time of the industrial revolution; when coal, machines, steam power, factories, and diplomacy started. Control over society in your own hands and everything changes the way the country turns out to be. 

You have to build things around and shape the people, institutions, economy, and laws of the country. You can call it a Society Builder game, where you are in charge of your own country. 

Honestly, being a Victoria 3 Review, if you ask us, this game has one of the best Strategic Gameplays ever in any game out there. There isn’t any comparison here when you take into account societal reforms, trade routes, builds, nation tweaks, and various methods you can use to perform a single task. 

What’s Good and Bad?

The direct contest here for this game is quite possibly Crusader Kings. But, you can’t bet on the interface here in Victoria because it’s not as friendly. It has that complexity that makes it quite a good game and also a bad game in regard to user-friendliness. 

Yes, you do have amazing shortcuts to things around like troops, diplomacy, and buildings. While, the best part here is its incredibly detailed map which makes it easier for you to catch, what’s going on around you. 

What’s new?


Unlike the other Simulation and Grand Strategic Games we played, Victoria 3 takes place in a Century where Innovation took place from. Everything changes so quickly in the social, technological, and cultural playground. 

Economic Excellence

It isn’t a secret that from the 18th Century to the 19th Century, things took a turn around for the Economy. There were Trades for Valuables, Coal, and Steam Power was at their peak.

In this time of Economy, people were putting together various Factories that had the power of producing mass products. So, in Victoria 3, you will surely get to enjoy making new Factories and powerhouses.

Diplomacy over War

As in most other games of a similar genre, it takes place at a time when you don’t have to engage in war to prove your worth, rather you have to be diplomatic and strong. You can simply write books on your nation, provide your worth to the world, make alliances, and claim your prize.

Extraordinary Map

There is a new map here in Victoria 3 that is much larger and improved over the previous Victoria Games. There are new methods to produce things, migrations, industrial efforts and worry about the future. 

Every Step you take has its effects further on the Map itself and you can see the changes that are occurring in Victoria. 

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Well, that is quite clear now in our Victoria 3 Review that it is a game you want to surely enjoy if you want something to do with Politics. Here is a little peek into what we absolutely like about this game.

Your Decisions have a Negative Impact

Unlike most Strategic games out there, this game has a Political structure that can completely annihilate your country. There are some societies and groups that you can’t simply upset.

Just like in real life, when you don’t take an intelligent step toward groups like these, they can destabilize your country, same is the game here. You will have to play mind games with these groups and aristocrats, and find a way to get a hold of their power.

Amazingly, in this game, you have people living in your country with actual thinking and conditions that depend on the country. It is a simulation game, that can teach you the good and the adverse effects of how to get into the brains of people without actually showing that. 

You Can’t Cheat here

Every game out there has some sort of shortcuts, bugs, and other mechanics that can help you bypass some stuff. We don’t mean you can’t do those things here, it’s just that even if you do, the outcome is probably the same.

The system in Victoria 3 is based on behavior, practice, and economy and everything has a core around real statistics. You can’t do the same thing twice to get the same outcome here. This is what makes this game so beautiful.

No War, but rather Diplomacy

Finally, the sweet spot here is; No fighting. Just like in real life, you can’t take your guns out and wage a war against a country, the same is the concept with Victoria 3. You have to play with your brains, do some politics, take the aid of economical conditions, make allies and make an offer your opposition can’t refuse!

Yes, there are some times when the AI of Victoria 3 goes completely nuts, resembling the actual state of the world at that time. But, mostly you are the maker of your own path here based on how you use your brain.


If you read our Victoria 3 Review till the end, it isn’t a secret we will recommend this game, but it isn’t a game meant for everyone. If you like Political games, based on Economical conditions and having that Simulation-Builder type gameplay, then sure you can’t miss out on this beauty. On the contrary, this isn’t a game everyone would like to play or can play, to be precise.

The good thing here is that you can always learn with Paradox Victoria 3 amazing teaching methods and the things are similar to what’s happening in today’s era or what happened before us. 

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What does Victoria 3 Actually Target?

Victoria 3 is a Strategy game based on the start of modern nation and state. It is a drop-down style game that builds your capabilities of handling a country, using the brain to do things instead of going on an all-out war, handing the economy, watching out for what the population in the country likes, handling business, and much more. You get the point!

What is unique in Victoria 3?

Unlike the other games of the same genre, you are in a time of innovation, where you have to take into account your economic progress as well. You don’t have to wage war, rather you have to be diplomatic and use your brain to sort things out. 

Can Victoria 3 be easily played?

No, Victoria 3 is one of the most complicated and grand strategic games out there in the genre. There is a lot of management, patience is required, and you have to look out for the economy, make good relations, and take care of dozen other things for starters. You can learn things out but, the learning curve isn’t quite good for beginners because your bad decision impacts the game.

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Which Genre is Victoria 3?

Victoria 3 lies in the Grand Strategy Video Games developed by the Legendary Paradox games and successor to the Victoria 3.

What are the Requirements for Victoria 3?

To actually Play Victoria 3, you will need to have Cire i3 3rd gen minimum or similar, while you need a GTX 660 Graphics Card along with that CPU. Both of these aren’t that high requirements rather the thing you need is RAM. Around 8GB minimum is quite good, but higher is always better.

When did Victoria 3 Come out?

Victoria 3 came out recently at the end of October 2022. The last Victoria came out in 2010 and took the community by storm. 

Is Victoria 3 available for Console?

No, Victoria 3 is surprisingly a Steam-exclusive game and you can only get it through Steam purchase. 

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