How to use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Educational Purposes?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality changes computer-generated environments and scenes into realistic scenarios. Instead of looking at a screen in front of them, users can interact with 3D worlds.

Through Virtual Reality you can explore any place virtually, it could be a university, a museum, it can even be a country.

What is Augmented Reality?

Have you ever played Pokemon Go? Augmented Reality basically manipulates reality on your screen.

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Like in Pokemon GO you can see Pokemons on your screens, but in reality, they are not there. Instagram, Snapchat Filters are also AR-based.

Augmented Reality and Education

Augmented Reality app development continues to grow day by day.

There are multiple advantages of using Augmented Reality as the means to teach students. Through Augmented Reality you can:

  • Explore materials from different angles.
  • Increase your creativity and imagination.
  • Do manual training, learn stuff from a different perspective.
  • Learn more about space.
  • Learn about Human anatomy.

Augmented Reality is also a good source of entertainment, As I’ve discussed before, Pokemon-Go, like that there are multiple games which you can play and entertain yourself.

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Virtual Reality and Education

VR makes learning more fun and engaging. It enhances the real-life experience, especially for kids. For example, you can take pre-school or kindergarten children to visit a zoo or a park. Through Virtual Reality, you can provide them a real-life experience without any precautions as it is completely safe.

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You can not only teach young children about history but you can actually take them to that exact era or place, by creating a similar environment.

Also, you can get a better hold on your skills through Virtual Reality, you can learn how to drive an aeroplane through VR.

What if you are interested in visiting space? Obviously, you can not afford a space ship and you don’t have the means to visit space, but you can visit it, through VR.

What if you are sick? You can easily attend the lecture through VR.

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