Watch Free Stranger Things And Other Shows On Netflix.

Netflix Free Streaming: Free Stranger Things And Other Shows

Netflix is back again with a new marketing technique. They are going to offer a completely free trial without any registration. It is a big step for Netflix. This feature might be a temporary marketing pitch. But, if you want to avail this opportunity you can do it now. It is completely official and free. At the end of your show and movie, you will be given the option to join Netflix as a member. You have to click the link mentioned above to avail yourself of your free trial. You will be redirected to the link where you can enjoy the free trial Netflix is the fastest-growing streaming service right now. They really want to stay on top. That is why Netflix has introduced this feature. However, some people might debate that this feature is already present in many streaming services. But, it is a great step by a platform like Netflix to offer a preview mode to the people. This way they can realize what the streaming service has to offer.

You can see the pilot episodes of the series only. To watch the whole series you would have to buy a subscription. Netflix rep had to say this about the new marketing strategy;

We’re looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” 

HBO and Disney Plus

HBO and Disney plus are giving tough competition to Netflix these days. Because of the huge demand for the digital content competition is tough than ever before.

That is why to promote and reach a bigger audience Netflix is providing a free preview. However, this technique was used by HBO way before Netflix. But back in 2018 Netflix provided free streaming to all the boys I have loved before across the USA to promote the upcoming sequel of the movie. So, it is not a surprise that they are offering free streaming of movies and series as samples.

Free Shows and Movies on Netflix

These are the following shows and movies which are available on free Netflix for viewers.


Bird Box will be available for streaming completely free. The movie really did well at Netflix and brought Netflix a lot of new subscribers and positive reviews. So it makes sense why they are offering it as a sample.

The two popes

The two popes will also be available for free streaming.

Bounty Hunters

The movie starred Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. It was a comedy action movie. It also had many positive reviews.

Stranger Things

Stranger things is another famous show. It is Netflix official. The show also did well on the platform. This show brought a lot of young and new audiences to the platform. Now you would be able to watch the pilot episode of the show completely free.

When they see us

When they see us is another series based on the struggles and tribulations of the black community. The series received a lot of positive reviews from the critics as well.

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