Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 _Lynchian_

Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 “Lynchian” Online: Barchie isn’t happening

Riverdale Season 4 is currently ongoing, Episode 17 was released 2 weeks ago, and then they took a break. Today, Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 released. Episode 17 was a musical episode and ended with a cliffhanger showing Archie and Betty reliving some past moments. In the heated moment, they kiss and ended with an intense cliffhanger leaving fans thinking that Barchie is finally happening just like in the comics.

The first season 4 was about revealing the truth about Stone Prep students and the school. Jughead had to fake his own death to find out the truth about them. Fans complained that Kevin is not getting enough screen time in Riverdale Season 4, so finally, he is getting enough now. The musical episode was all about him and we got to see Kevin much more than before in the Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18. However, there are some major plot twists in the episode. We are not going to spoil it for you just yet.

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How to Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 _Lynchian_

How to Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 “Lynchian”

In case, you are wondering how to watch the episode, it is available on Netflix. Sadly, not in the Netflix US. Season 4 is going to release on 14th May 2020 on Netflix US. But there are alternate methods by which you can watch Riverdale Season 4, as well as the latest episode “Lynchian”, we know you guys are really curious about knowing whether Barchie is happening or not? Here is the link to watch it online.

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Spoilers below

What is Episode 18 about?

We were left with a cliffhanger in Episode 18, which was cleared in the latest episode Lynchian. It actually leads to a newer plot which they totally forgot about in the previous episodes. “The Tapes” which were being leaked are now a major concern in the latest episode.

Jughead Tape

In Jughead tape, someone acted like Betty and Jughead, when they faked Jughead’s death. The video was pretty dark, betty hitting Jughead with a rock. Someone is revealing some dark moments happened in the Town of Riverdale by actually performing those moments and making videos.

Betty and Archie Moment

There were some confused moments of Betty and Archie. They trying to figure out what’s wrong and how are they going to deal with their feelings. Betty reading her old diary. We got to see a flashback from the past in which young Archie purposes Betty but Betty asks him to wait till they are 18.

Veronica and Cheryl

Their business is running good. However, a competitor party visits them to threaten them because they are ruining their business. Veronica being bad-ass as usual turns them down. The competitor party then breaks stuff to scare Veronica. Veronica discusses it with her dad. Hiram then visits them to kill them but a change of heart happens and he ends up forgiving them but he regrets it later. Realizing it was a mistake to let him live, Hiram then kills him. However, Veronica never finds it out and starts thinking that Hiram has changed. Thus, veronica partnerships with her dad in the business.

Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 _Lynchian_

Who’s behind the tapes?

After Charles and Jughead figure out that it was ethel that drops the videotape in sheriff’s office. They pursue her in telling who was behind the tapes, she gives an address of a Video store. It is then revealed that they keep videos of every dark moment that happened in Riverdale.

Later we get to see Honey-bee visiting that shop and discussing about the videos. So it is pretty obvious that he is part of it.

Farewell Barchie: Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18

In the end, betty realizes that it was wrong. It is a flame from the past that she buried a long time ago. Cheryl helps her in remembering that Jughead and Betty are “Endgame”. Betty then tells Archie “It’s over, whatever it was”. She then burns all her past diaries thus ending any chance of Barchie ever happening. She tweeted:

Farewell Barchie

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