Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 Finale

Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 Season Finale Online

Riverdale’s latest episode, which is basically season 4 finale is going to release soon. Due to Pandemic, they had to end the season sooner. The episode title is “Killing Mr. Honey”. The trailer of Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 pretty much explained the plot, however, we don’t think they really are going to end up killing him. Everyone in Riverdale is so fed up by Mr. Honey. In episode 18, it was revealed that he was behind the tapes also. Tapes of Riverdale’s deepest and darkest secrets.

We have also revealed that Riverdale’s Season 5 will jump forward the whole five years. That means we are going to watch our favorite characters as “Adults” on our screens in the next season. As we know, Episode 19 was not supposed to be the season finale, so probably, there are going to be many cliffhangers that will later be revealed in the next season.

Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 Season Finale Online

Trailer of Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19

In the trailer, we can see Betty claiming that the only option to stop Mr. Honey is “as if we killed him”. The show is getting crazier and crazier. Also, from the trailer, it seems they really killed him. Veronica:

Who here has experience of getting rid of a dead body?

Everyone raises their hands after Veronica’s question.

Update: It was all in Jughead’s story.

How To Watch Riverdale Season 4 Finale Without Netflix

A lot of people can not afford Netflix, or their Netflix subscription just expired. We came up with the solution, the episode is released and you can watch it using this button.

Watch Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 Season Finale Online

How To Watch Season 4 on Netflix US

Riverdale is not airing on Netflix US, that means you need to wait at least 5 days for the official release on the US Netflix. However, if you can not wait. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Type “Super VPN” and download it.
  • Close Netflix and Open Super VPN.
  • Choose any other region in which Riverdale is airing.
  • Open Netflix,
  • Now you can watch every episode of Riverdale including the finale.

You can use same method if Riverdale is not airing in your country.


Riverdale Season 4 finale revealed that Mr. Honey was not the person, everyone expected him to be. They got us in the first half when they kidnap Mr. Honey. Later it was revealed that it was all part of Jughead’s story, which he was writing. Tapes investigation still carried on. Jughead’s story was pretty horrifying as he was actually explaining what town of Riverdale has turned students into.

Especially Betty, the fact she was okay with murder in the story, and jughead backing everything up that happened. However, they didn’t reveal who was actually sending those tapes. Betty and Jughead got caught in another mystery in the end. Someone invites them into the place where Veronica’s mom killed the former Sherriff. There they find another tape. The last tape was pretty much like a horror film going on.

Riverdale Season 4 Finale Final Tape.
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