Watch these classic Movies of Hollywood this week.

Classic Hollywood is considered as a blessing. It has changed the world, culture, and thoughts about many social evils as well. From white supremacy and white people brutality to the chilling and horrifying portraying of world war 1 and 2, these black and movies will give you a glimpse in the past. These classic movies will definitely change your outlook about life.

Roman Holiday: 1953 one of the classic movies

Romas Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory peck is such a piece of classic gift.

Audrey Hepburn is a very known word in Hollywood. Her acting skills and her efforts in making the world a better place has gained her a lot of praise.

The story of Roman Holiday is heart-wrenching. Audrey Hepburn plays like a European princess. Her life is not as easy as she has to do a lot of work and fulfill her responsibility.

She walks and runs away to escape from the fiasco of her daily and tiring life. She meets a newspaper agent and worker. Never seeing the princess, finding her on the road he takes pity on her and takes her in. Soon he finds out that she is queen and makes a bet with his with boss that he will get her interview.

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soon both fall for each other making things complicated for both of them. In the end, she hs to make a choice of her life as a queen and the love of her life.

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind is base on the novel of the same name. Focusing on the life of Scarlett. How she overcomes the effects of civil war. Tangled in her love life she has to make a choice in order to put her life on the track.

Hattie McDaniel was the first black woman to win a Grammy award for her performance.

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