Watchmen Trailer, the series will hit TV in October.

Watchmen trailer released the series is going to be on Tv soon. This is one of the highly anticipated series of this year right now. People are really getting excited to watch this project of HBO.

It is going to be aired on HBO and it is also produced by the HBO. After successful TV series like game of thrones so many hopes for this one as well.

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Watchmen Plot

The Plot of watchmen is similar to the comics but it is going to be a little bit different to give something unique to the audience.

In the world of Watchmen, Heroes are taken as something negative.

People hate heroes for their violent ways. Heroes hide from the world. They are nor respected and loved by the people they want to protect.

But as the time passes some Hereos try to rebel but some make a Union in order to restore their gone respect.

So this series is generally going to be about bad heroes fighting the good ones.

It is a very unique concept for the audience who loves watching the mighty and nice superheroes on their screens.

The casting is great. We are excited to see some characters making comeback from the comics such as Ozymandias. The entire series is not going to be an exact copy of comics but HBO’s Watchmen is going to be fan favorite there is no doubt about this.

Watchmen already has a good rating

Watchmen has already a rating of 6.7 and it is not released yet. This s a good sing for the series.

people are into characters like this and we all are bored with the nice superheroes.

The Masks are dangerous

Another fact about the series is that the Masks figure are dangerous and you do not want to get involved with them at all.

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