Wayfinder Affinity and Builds System Beginner's Guide

Wayfinder Affinity and Builds System Beginner’s Guide

Wayfinder’s synergistic Affinity System is useful but confusing. This Wayfinder Affinity and Builds System Beginner’s Guide simplifies the system to make it more accessible to new players. 

Wayfinder Affinity and Builds System Beginner's Guide

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Wayfinder’s Affinity System

Wayfinder features an Affinity system as one means of character progression. You can access this via the Affinity menu on your character screen. When you do so, you’ll see that there are three types or categories of affinity. Instinct, Discipline, and Focus. 

But they don’t actually do much on their own. To best understand and use Wayfinder’s Affinity system, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with three related in-game mechanics. Affinity Perks, Affinity Points, and Weapon Affinity Upgrades. Let’s discuss each of these in detail below.

Affinity Perks

Each Affinity category has a set of passive perks unlocked at certain affinity levels. These are known as Affinity Perks and differ for each Wayfinder. You need to invest Affinity Points in an affinity to increase your affinity level. 

To view the details of these perks and their unlock requirements for a particular Wayfinder, head to their affinity menu. Then press the default key “F”. This will let you view the affinity perk submenu featuring all of that Wayfinder’s Affinity Perks and when they unlock. Most perks unlock at levels 5 and 15.

Affinity Points

You earn Affinity Points as you level up your Wayfinder. But there’s a problem. You only get a total of 29 Affinity Points once you have reached the maximum level on your Wayfinder. 

You need a total of 15 affinity points to max out one affinity category. There are three affinity categories. Which means that to max out all three categories, you’d need a total of 45 Affinity Points. Since that’s not possible, you will have to pick and choose which affinity categories you want to max out. Alternatively, you can spread your affinity points over all three categories. But this would mean not maxing out any of them.

Weapon Affinity Upgrades

Each weapon has all three Affinities associated with it in the form of three sets of affinity-aligned stat groupings. Currently, each affinity-aligned stat group has a maximum of 10 affinity you can allocate. But don’t worry, you won’t have to use your limited Affinity Points on these. 

Instead, all you need to upgrade your weapon’s affinity is a certain amount of Gloomstones and gold. Once you upgrade a particular affinity, the stats associated with it permanently increase in value as well. These stats depend on the weapon you are upgrading and are limited to that weapon. 

You can max out each affinity category on your weapons. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to stop once a weapon has reached max level in an affinity category. You can simply increase this limit through a process called Weapon Reinforcement. Although this feature is not yet available, you can do this by approaching the Weapon Master in Skylight. 

Wayfinder Affinity and Builds System Beginner's Guide

How does Wayfinder’s Affinity System Work?

Now the question is, “How does Wayfinder’s unique affinity system work in practice?” The purpose of the Affinity System is to connect different character building systems for a synergistic experience. 

Take a look at the Perks associated with each affinity for your particular Wayfinder. As you do this, ask yourself how you want to play. Then pick an Affinity category accordingly. Increasing the level of this Affinity also increases the scaling modifier of everything on your character associated with that Affinity. 

Look to the right. You’ll see your currently equipped weapon with the stats associated with your chosen affinity underneath. Make sure these are stats you actually want to focus on. You only need to level up your Weapon once. Another thing you need to focus on is accessories. Like weapons, these also have Affinity associated stats. 

Once you select these well, you can associate all your desired stats with one affinity category. This way, you can level everything up together. But keep in mind that the passive stat increase you get on certain weapons is limited to those weapons. Do not expect an overall passive buff.


Wayfinder’s Affinity system is based on three affinity categories; Instinct, Discipline, and Focus. Other components of this system include Affinity Perks, Affinity Points, and Weapon Affinity Upgrades. These work together to link all your desired stats to one affinity and level everything up simultaneously. 

We hope this Wayfinder Affinity and Builds System Beginner’s Guide helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.