What happened to Rick in TWD_ Finally revealed.

What happened to Rick in TWD? Finally revealed.

The Walking Dead said goodbye to Rick in TWD in season 10. A lot of things we’re left unanswered and a lot of fans were confused. But with the release of episode 13, it seems like there is still much to offer and the show can take a completely new and different way.

Angela Kang is doing amazing with the show and her new innovative ideas are bringing a lot of audiences who stopped watching the show after season 7 and season 8.

What are they planning to do with Rick in TWD and series?

As Michonne is on her way to find Rick in TWD. What are they going to do with the show is a big question. They didn’t answer much in episode 13 that how finding Rick in TWD and killing Alpha is going to change the present world. It seems like there is still a lot of whisperer mess is left go clean. Beta is still alive and fans are debating by whom he will be killed on the show as he was killed by Negan in the comics. Spoilers ahead for episode 13 of The Walking Dead.

Virgil was the guy who appeared in season 10 and met Michonne as he took her to supply her with the weapons which could help Michonne fight Whisperers. But turns out he was lying all the time. He was in fact with a community and could not fight walkers so he locked his wife and kids along with the people of the community in the basement. Actually, he took Michonne in order to have himself from the people of his community locked in the basement.

Michonne found out Rick’s boots and asked Virgil he showed her a military boat that came to the shore and she found an iPhone with Rick written on the top corner of it. She broke the news to her kids and said goodbye in order to find Rick in TWD. It was an epic attitude that exposed the amazing acting skills of Danai and the taste she brought to the show.

What happens now in TWD?

Now with Beta, the only guy left from the whisperer’s gang, things are pretty much calm for the community. But the question is what are they going to do about Lydia and Negan. As many things happened on the show are quite different than the comics and show night be following a different direction right now as compared to the show. Rick is with the Commonwealth community and it seems 100% right to the fans as the commonwealth has modern equipment.

They might make Negan kill Beta and might introduce the familiar plot as comics for a while. But with an outbreak of the virus things might be slow for the upcoming movies.

Rick died in the walking dead Comics and with the new movies and 3 more years of contract with AMC it seems like things are not over where the show is concerned. Many new and interesting characters have been introduced and of course, nobody can ever get bored with Daryl and Negan.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.