What is Alan Wake 2 Question Mark?

What is Alan Wake 2 Question Mark?

Alan Wake 2, developed by the prestigious Remedy Studios, is the successor to the previous Alan Wake, a popular Survival Horror Game. While the game is filled with riddles, puzzles, and hidden locations, one of the most fascinating of them all is the Question Mark.

What is Alan Wake 2 Question Mark? In the Dark Place, you will get Words of Power that can help you out when the odds are not in your favor. Whenever you pass beside one, a Question Mark will appear on the screen. Let’s talk about the details below.

Alan Wake 2 Question Mark on Minimap

Alan Wake 2 doesn’t provide you with a clear explanation of anything in the game. Thus, to show a place of interest while remaining hidden, the game shows it as a question mark. The Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 are represented as Question Mark in Alan Wake 2.

What are Words of Power – The Question Mark?

These are crucial items in the game that you can pick up to enhance your character. The Words of Power are actually skill trees that have boosts to the overall stats of Alan Wake himself or the arsenal he has.

One instance or example of this can be the Magazine of Revolver. The final shot has a lower notice chance by enemies.

Types of Words of Power

There are seven types of Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 and each one is different from others, but all aim to increase survivability and combat.

What is Alan Wake 2 Question Mark? Words of Power!

Where to Find The Question Marks – Word of Power in Alan Wake 2?

In the Dark Place, there are yellow arrows scattered around, which you can follow, but make sure you have the flashlight with you. When you are near Words of Power, you will see a Question Mark Symbol on the map.

It is a permanent marker that will be on the map for you to come back to and progress later on as well. Follow the arrows and you will reach a yellow circle. Use the Flashlight on that circle to get the Words of Power.


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