What Tarka Ji's Ultimate Do in Naraka Bladepoint?

What Tarka Ji’s Ultimate Do in Naraka Bladepoint?

Frankly, Naraka Bladepoint is just bad at giving info on the things happening around them, especially the character Ultimate. Here in this guide, we will be going through details on What Tarka Ji’s Ultimate Do in Naraka Bladepoint.

Tarka Ji is a unique character, and using the Ultimate basically ends up making you more agile, running faster, dodging things quickly, and also implementing combos.

But, considering the ultimates of other characters, this does sound a bit underwhelmed. Then again, Tarka Ji is quite a renowned character in the game.

What Tarka Ji's Ultimate Do in Naraka Bladepoint?

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Tarka Ji’s Ultimate Explained – Uses and Possibilities!

When you use Tarka Ji’s Ultimate, you become faster. This means you are going to reach locations or dodge things before anyone else is around.

Sprint to avoid being grappled, or even the ranged damage. When you use Shift while you are sprinting (double Shift), you will make a punch attack to start off the combos.

This is an ability to cancel nearly all the animations, allowing the special combos including Tarka Infinite.

So, all in one, you are not only running faster but going for a combo, including a punch that can cancel animations.

As for the low-skill players, you can just Blue Focus Spam. It can be done even after you are getting parried tap dodge because no one can do anything to you.

After reaching a higher skill cap, you will have to do a mini-stun into Infinite Combo with Katana as you are Sprinting. In 3-person play, you can go with the V2, using the Fireball throw from the sky, and dealing massive damage to groups at once.

This is what the Tarka Ji’s Ultimate does in Naraka Baldepoint. Hope you found it useful.

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