What to do with Broken Butler Puppet in Lies of P

What to do with Broken Butler Puppet in Lies of P

Lies of P is truly spectacular, bringing to the community what it truly needs in a souls-like game. As you progress through the Factory Storyline, you will have to go and talk to Venigni, finding the Broken Butler Puppet for him. If you are having trouble understanding What to do with Broken Butler Puppet in Lies of P, we got you covered here.

About Lies of P – A Souls-Like Masterpiece!

After the release of Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls, there is a whole genre after the “Souls-Like” that aims to make games with similar mechanics. Lies of P is regarded as one of the best “Souls-Like” games but with its own touch.

Developed by the Round 8 Studios in cooperation with Neowiz Games, Lies of P is set in a dark world. You’re basically a Pennuchio set in the world of puppets. Your maker Geppetto was caught in a web of lies, having strange monsters resembling puppets or actual monsters.

You are the main hero and the only one standing between the events fallen on “Lies of P”, and the citizen. You were actually woken up by a voice that guided you through Krat – the main city.

It was once a place of beauty but later fell into madness, as well as bloodlust. So, it might sound like a Souls-Like, but it has its own touch. Different weapons, builds, play-style, and horrors. You have to fight powerful enemies and face stronger enemies as you level up.

Lies of P - A love letter from Round 8 Studios to From Software.

What to do with Broken Butler Puppet in Lies of P

Talk to Venigni

To complete Venigni’s Request in Lies of P, you will have to first go and talk to an NPC Venigni present in Venigni’s Works Control Room. Take the stairs up in the Venigni’s, and you will find this NPC there, around the bonfire/fast travel spot.

Getting the Venigni's Request Quest

Find Broken Butler Puppet Location

Next up, you need to find the Broken Butler Puppet. He can be found through the story path, and defeating the King’s Flame Fuoco Boss.

Fight with the King’s FLame Fuoco Boss in Lies of P. If you need support, you will find it outside as well. Defeat the Boss and pick up the Broken Butler Puppet.

Using Broken Butler Puppet

After you get the Broken Butler Puppet, talk to the NPC sitting on the floor. He will tell you to bring it to the second floor as it belongs to him.

Return the Broken Butler Puppet to Venigni

He’s talking about Venigni. Go and talk to him again, but bring that Broken Butler Puppet with you this time.

The puppet’s name is Pulcinella, and Venigni mourns for her. That’s it in our guide on Where to Find Broken Butler Puppet for Venigni in Lies of P.

Completing Lies of P Venigni's Request

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