What to Expect From Spider-Man Far from Home?

The movie mew Marvel Spider-Man movie is coming to the cinema and we are excited. After the sad and thrilling end of the Avengers. This is another Marvel movie coming to the cinema. Surely, it will answer some of our burning questions that what will happen after Avengers? Who will protect the Earth and what kind of villains we are about to see in the new Marvel Movie?

Possible Flashbacks Of Tony Stark

For somebody who still has not watched the Avengers endgame and neither want to do. I would explain the relationship both of them shared. Spider-man is young and passionate. He didn’t have any parents left and don’t was there to mentor him as a father. He died protecting tony doing the dirty work for him basically for all the planet as well.

They always shared father-son kind of relationship and surely spider-man sill also be very hurt to lose someone as a father. How will he cope with this loss? it’s not only that fans are also excited for some possible flashbacks of Tony Stark? In the trailer we watched some will we see some unseen emotional scenes? We will advise u to grab to tissues while watching this.

World After Thanos

Thanos is the biggest Villian in the Marvel universe. His unique powers made him so fearful. His power to vanish half of the population of the world is crazy. His snapped made half of the population vanished, how will it effect our planet? The people around it? What exactly happened after thanos vanished? What are we expecting to see? How Earth people survived this incident? There Is so much to answer. We are hoing Spider-Man far from home will be our answer.

New Powerful Villians

Now Thanos has gone and Marvel needs new Villians. What Marvel has in stores for us now? What kind of villains we can expect to see in this Marvel movie? Definitely, it is going to be something more dynamic than ever. There are some fan theories that Thanos will find back. Well, we would like to see what fan theories will become true. We have seen every menacing creature Marvel had to offer and now we want some new bad guy with some more dynamic and thrilling power.

Most of the fans want another arc with Thanos, but after watching the fate of our Avengers, some of the viewers are hoping to see a more relaxing Villain.

More Mature Spider-Man

Spiderman is young and passionate. He doesn’t think twice before doing anything. Tony was there to mentor and take care of him now tony is gone. How will Peter handle all of this? Are we going to see a mature spider-man?

A hero who knows what to do even tho there is nobody to mentor him? I believe that this season we are going to see a mature version of spider-man. It’s not only that, he has to make many decisions to become his best version and we are excited to see a new spider-man. Also, we will also see his relationship with MJ. Fans are really excited to see their further bonding on the screen.

Fate of Avengers

Will Marvel enlighten us about the Avengers who survived? Fans have many theories and they believe that all the Avengers who died could come back. But this is a very big stretch. But we believe we will see what will happen to the Avengers who survived maybe a glimpse of what happened after. Some fans are believing in come back of Captain America because he got old, he didn’t die and the serum can be prepared again. There are many fan theories blowing our mind away.

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer

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