What's the Secret to Mystery Red Door in Labyrinth?

What’s the Secret to Mystery Red Door in Labyrinth Remnant 2?

When you come across that Mystery Red Door in Labyrinth Remnant 2, you sometimes ask yourself? What could be the secret here? You can experiment in this region and re-roll in case it doesn’t work and come back. Then again, it is time taking. So, here in this guide, we are going to discuss the Secret To Mystery Red Door in Labyrinth.

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Brand Ability and Mystery Red Labyrinth Door!

The first thing that you can try out is the Brand Ability of yourself and your teammates. When you use it, the brand will start following you and your teammates.

You can go to various locations, slapping them on the doors and hidden passages, but you will find out that it doesn’t work.

You can even shoot your brands on the door and it has no luck as well on the Mysterious Labyrinth Locked Door.

The reason for thinking it might work is that the Brand Ability visuals, as well as the Corruption on the Door, resemble each other closely.

Boss Clementine (Win or Lose)

In the area, you also find a boss named Clementine. He will tell you that you can either beat it or you will win. Or, you can also lose (it wins) and then takes over. When it takes over, it is known as corruption in the game by the Ai NPC.

In case you beat Clementine Boss in the Labyrinth, you get the shard, win the boss fight, and survive.

You can also lose the Boss Fight here or jump in the hole with all the Corruption from the boss during the Final Survival Scene. Both of them have different outcomes.

What's the Secret to Mystery Red Door in Labyrinth?

The Verdict

Basically, you can solo the Archetype and unlock it, but there is no mention of not requiring re-rolls in the secret Labyrinth Door area. So, the Secret to Mystery Red Door in Labyrinth Remnant 2 remains a secret to this day. There are some win-or-lose situations with the Clementine Boss in the Labyrinth area that you can go through yourself to figure out the hidden stuff.

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