WhatsApp Auto-Delete Messages

WhatsApp Auto-Delete Message feature coming soon

Just like Snapchat, WhatsApp is working on the same feature “WhatsApp Auto-Delete” that will auto-delete the messages from the conversation. This feature is currently available to the beta users of Whatsapp application on Android.

This feature is not special or anything new, Snapchat, Telegram and many other apps already have this feature. This is introduced due to the massive amount of messages in a WhatsApp group chat, the important messages are left behind. Not everyone got the time to scroll up and read the important messages.

Whatsapp Beta 2.19.275: WhatsApp Auto-Delete Message feature

According to WaBetaInfo, The WhatsApp Auto-Delete or destruct feature is currently not available, but WhatsApp is working on it in order to ensure that there are no bugs and you get the best experience.

How is this feature going to work?

The self/auto-delete message will vanish after a certain interval. Beta users can see the feature by opening their contact’s profile and above the encryption prompt, there is an option to enable or disable delete the message. You can enable it by turning it on. And your messages will self destruct or auto-delete for that user you have been chatting with after a certain period of time. The certain interval includes an hour, a week, a month and a year.

WhatsApp Auto-Delete

You can also enable this feature on WhatsApp Groups too. If you are the WhatsApp group admin, simply goto group settings and turn the feature on.

There is, however, no news on the release date of this feature on the official version.

Is this feature fool-proof?

Of course not, we have seen there are plenty of third party applications that store the deleted message of WhatsApp. Also, messages are not going to disappear if you are not connected to the internet.

A while ago, WhatsApp also introduced it’s another new feature “WhatsApp Dark Mode”. You can enable it by simply clicking your menu, then hit settings and then go to chats. Select the dark theme and that’s it you have the dark mode enabled on your WhatsApp.

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