How To Use WhatsApp Emoji Reactions?

How To Use WhatsApp Emoji Reactions?

After Facebook and Instagram, now you can react to messages on WhatsApp too. This feature was announced recently for WhatsApp users. WhatsApp Emoji Reactions are now available. Facebook has been introducing a lot of new features for WhatsApp lately.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows its users to exchange messages, voice calls, and video calls. Users can also share their live location through WhatsApp. Although, a late entrant to the market, WhatsApp has managed to gain a wide set of users due to its instant and high-quality services.

Last year, WhatsApp announced that they are adding audio and video call support on the WhatsApp Web version. Recently, WhatsApp also announced that the file sharing limit is also being increased to 2GB and 32 people call conference will also be possible soon.

What are Reactions?

Emoji Reactions are the same as sending someone emojis. However, this way you are not actually sending it but reacting to their message. Just like on Facebook Messenger, now you can react here too.

How To Use WhatsApp Emoji Reactions?

In order to use WhatsApp Emoji Reactions on the messaging application. You need to update your application to the latest version then follow the following steps:

  • Make sure the application is up-to-date.
  • Open the chat.
  • Long press on the message.
  • Pop-up will appear displaying the emojis.
  • Choose the emoji from that popup.
  • Currently, only six emojis are available.

The update is being rolled out now. Some people have already received it. However, it is going to take some time until the update reaches globally to everyone WhatsApp has also doubled the group-chat size from 256 participants to 512 participants.

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