Whatsapp introducing Desktop Video Calling Feature allowing up to 50 participants

Whatsapp recently introduced a new update in which they increased the participant limit in a video conference. As WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform on the internet. Facebook has been helping alot during the pandemic by introducing some new and amazing features.

The war is currently going on between Video Conferencing Applications/Softwares. Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom, etc all aim to be the best. Microsoft Teams also increased the participant limit from 100 users to 250 participants in a single video conference, which is by the far the best limit you can get on free software. That’s why many institutions are preferring Microsoft Teams over Zoom. However, the competition between the tech giants like Google and Microsoft keeps on growing. Facebook is not backing down either, they recently introduced a new feature “Messanger Rooms” which allows 50 participants in a single video conference. Now, Whatsapp is also joining the battle. With the Whatsapp Desktop Video Calling feature, you’ll be able to create a video conference that allows up to 50 participants.

Whatsapp introducing Desktop Video Calling Feature allowing up to 50 participant

Whatsapp Desktop Video Calling

It is basically Facebook’s “Messenger Rooms” feature which will be available on the Whatsapp Desktop version. Whatsapp Desktop Video Calling feature will directly let you create Rooms through Whatsapp which put Zoom and other video conferencing applications at a disadvantage since everyone prefers using Whatsapp for communication.

There is currently no update when they are going to release this feature, but they will soon reveal it.


The feature will also be available on Android and iOS devices.

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