WhatsApp Logout Feature

WhatsApp is Adding a ‘LogOut’ Feature

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows its users to exchange messages, voice calls, and video calls. Users can also share their live location through WhatsApp. Although, a late entrant to the market, WhatsApp has managed to gain a wide set of users due to its instant and high-quality services.

Last year, WhatsApp announced that they are adding audio and video call support on the WhatsApp Web version. It is slowly rolling out for everyone and everyone will receive the update eventually. Moreover, WhatsApp recently announced a new privacy policy too. The new privacy policy will share their personal information including phone numbers with Facebook. As WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, it has been decided that the data will be shared between both applications. However, due to backlash by the users WhatsApp delayed the new privacy policy for now.

Now, WhatsApp is working on some new features such as support for more than one device, Logout Feature, and muting videos before sending them. Support for more than one device will allow you to access your WhatsApp account through multiple devices. According to WABetaInfo:

Multi-device with WhatsApp Web: you can use WhatsApp Web without your main phone to be connected to the Internet.

Multi-device with other devices: you can connect up to 4 different devices to your main WhatsApp account. Note that this limit might change in the future and this type doesn’t require an active Internet connection on the main phone as well.

WhatsApp is Adding a 'LogOut' Feature

WhatsApp Beta Testing Log for iOS devices is out and according to it, “LogOut Feature” is going to replace the “Delete My Account” option. However, there is no news if Android devices will be getting this feature anytime soon. It will roll out for all devices eventually.

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