Where to Find Byron Location in Lords of the Fallen?

Where to Find Byron Location in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen is a pure Souls-Like experience that provides users with the same side-quest decision-making pathways. If you take a different path in your journey or don’t talk to the NPCs completely exhausting their dialogues, you might not even get the side-quests.

The Lords of the Fallen Moving On Quest is a similar case where you need to talk to Byron and get the quest. You will have to find him at various locations around the same area, as progresses through the story-line of the side-quest.

If you are having trouble getting to Byron, then don’t worry, we have here a complete guide on Where to Find Byron Location in Lords of the Fallen Moving On Quest.

Who is Byron in LotF?

Byron is a jolly NPC found in the Pilgrim’s Perch. He is actually the lover of the Catrin, as both went on the journey together. But, due to a circumstance, Catrin was lost in the Umbral Realm, and Byron came back to life.

While talking to Byron, you can proceed through the whole story, and each extraction point of Vestige will have Byron standing next to the area. You can talk to him and get the Moving On side-quest in Lords of the Fallen.

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Where to Find Byron in Lords of the Fallen?

He can be found at different locations throughout the game. His whereabouts are;

Pilgrim’s Perch – Vestige of Blind Agatha

Proceeding through the game, and fast-forwarding to the first meetup with Byron. You have the choice of talking to him and in return, you will get the Moving On Quest. You can meet Byron in the Pilgrim’s Perch, near the Vestige of Blind Agatha.

Tip: In Lords of the Fallen, you need to talk with an NPC again, and again to exhaust all the options to get hidden side-quests and extras.

Meeting Byron for the first time in the Pilgrim's Perch, near Vestige of Bling Agatha

Fosaken Fen – Vestige of Valade

Proceed through the quest line till you reach the Forsaken Fen. Here, you will be able to activate the Vestige of Valade. Again, you will find Byron Located on the opposite side of the interaction point. Talk to the lad, and see what’s he up to.

Sunless Skein – Vestige of Catrin

Again, proceeding through the quest line, you will reach the Sunless Skein, and next to the Vestige of Catrin, you will find Byron, but he isn’t in his regular chill mood, rather he is quite angry.

Talk to him and he will explain that the Vestige is the mark of the area where Catrin actually fell, and was the lover of Byron. He will start talking about the story of Catrin and himself.

He is going to give you the task of going around the town and finding traces of a missing pendant that belongs to Catrin.

Finding Byron Location in the Sunless Skein next to the Vestige of Catrin, telling story of himself and his lower.

Skyrest Bridge – Secret Prisoner Area

After you have the Catrin’s Pendant and talk to Winterberry, you can take the Elevator/Lift behind the Skinstealer Boss, whom you previously killed for the Drainage Control Key. This will trigger Byron to go to the Skyrest Bridge, the same area where you set free the Secret Prisoner.

Talk to him and you will get various rewards for completing the Moving On Mission.

Finally, you can complete Moving On Quest and Find Byron Located in the Skyrest Bridge, where the Secret Prisoner was found.

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