Which Nintendo Game Lover are you Based on Taylor Swift's Song Album?

Which Nintendo Game Lover are you Based on Taylor Swift’s Song Album?

We all know that Taylor Swift’s songs have a deep connection with the Nintendo Games, but have you ever been able to guess which Nintendo Game Lover are you based on a Taylor Swift Song Album? Well, that is exactly what we are going to do here. Even if you are not a Taylor Swift fan, you still might want to stick and find out the comparison. Let’s get started.

Which Nintendo Game Lover are you Based on Taylor Swift's Song Album?

Taylor Swift Debue

If you are the lover of the first Taylor Swift Song Album or the original Debue, then you might be a fan favorite of the classical Nintendo Game. So, our guess on Taylor Swift Debue would be the 2D Mario Game.

Fearless by Taylor Swift

If you love the Taylor Swift Song Album Fearless, then you might be interested more in the F-Zero franchise of Nintendo.

Speak Now by Taylor Swift

By any chance, if you love Speak Now from Taylor Swift, then you love things that evolve. The best pairing of Taylor Swift’s Song Album Speak Now with the Nintendo Game would be 3D Mario.

Red by Taylor Swift

Most commonly, every Taylor Swift lover has a taste for Red, and the most common answer for favorite album cover from Taylor Swift would be Red. Therefore, your taste matches Mario Cart from Nintendo.

Taylor Swift 1989

If you love Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album, then you have a take on classical, or you have the brains to actually understand what is happening here. Our pairing of Taylor Swift 1989 is with the Metroid, a legendary game from Nintendo Switch.

Reputation from Taylor Swift

Every Taylor Swift fan knows about the Reputation or what is happening here, more commonly the singles. It has depth, and therefore, we are pairing it with the Super Smash Brothers.

Taylor Swift Lover

Some of the best stuff from Taylor Swift can be found in her Lover Album. But, due to the off-balance in the Album, you can sometimes hate it as well. Thus, we are pairing Taylor Swift’s Lover Song Album with Kirby from Nintendo Switch.

Folklore by Taylor Swift

If you give some time to the Folklore from Taylor Swift, it can pop off all the greatest Taylor Swift Album to ever exist. If you love it, then you have patience and waiting capabilities to wait for things to correct themselves and the hard time to pass. Thus, we are pairing it with the Legendary Donkey Kong.

Evermore by Taylor Swift

You are genuinely a lover of Aesthetic Music, the pluck of Guitar, and the silence behind it. You want to understand the depth and its meaning. You love Animal Crossing from Nintendo, if you love Evermore from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Midnights

The Midnight fans from Taylor Swift are just in love with connecting different things and solving puzzles. What does that mean? Well, you love the Zelda Franchise, because of your puzzle and lore-solving capabilities.

Which Nintendo Game Lover are you Based on Taylor Swift's Song Album?

With that, we are winding up our article on Which Nintendo Game Lover Are You Based on Taylor Swift’s Song Album. We are just speculating at this point, making a fun article for you to read. Hope you love it, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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