Who is the person beating Zherka in a fight?

Who is the person beating Zherka in a fight?

Earlier on 11th November 2023, we got to witness Zherka fighting someone and in return getting beaten. Who is this guy? Well, the person beating Zherka in a fight is HSTikkyTokky, a popular Fitness Influencer and Trainer, who makes day-to-day life Vlogs related to his life and fitness journey. He is occasionally found helping people out with their fitness journey by selling his fitness plans and diet plans.

Who is the person beating Zherka in a fight?

How did the fight start?

Zherka had a beef going on with Adin Ross and HSTikkyTokky for a while now, as they had a fierce debate on the internet going on. Finding out that HSTikkyTokky was with his girlfriend in Miami, enjoying some time, Zherka pulled up to fight him.

Zherka was in shorts and a t-shirt, as well as MMA gloves. While HSTikkyTokky was in a proper dress to go out with his girlfriend.

As seeing him sitting peacefully, Zherka throws something at him, and HSTikkyTokky tries not to escalate things.

But, after Zherka pushes him back and throws a punch at him, HSTikkyTokky steps forward, dropping Zherka and punching him on the streets.

Who was at fault between Zherka and HSTikkyTokky Fight?

It was clearly Zherka who was at fault, trying to pick fights with others smaller than him in weight/muscle, and also shorter than him in height.

On social media, Zherka also was seen defaming fighters that he could beat UFC fighters, and even the former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate.

Whoever goes too far with their keyboard warrior attitude, picking a fight with others gets humbled quickly. This was the moment for Zherka as he had the preparation, the advantages, and also an upper hand on HSTikkyTokky.

But, size doesn’t matter in a fight, it is always the spirit and the technique you actually have. Zherka totally doesn’t know how to fight, he is just massive in size and height and has muscle on.

So, Zherka was totally at fault here and got what he deserved.

Who is the person beating Zherka in a fight?

Who won a fight between Zherka and HSTikkyTokky?

The clear winner in the fight between Zherka and HSTikkyTokky is, the latter – HSTikkyTokky. He threw Zherka 3 times on the street, punching him, but also keeping his chill to stop things from escalating more.

Zherka, on the other hand, was even disrespectful after the fight, making videos of him and saying that HSTikkyTokky was just lucky, as he slipped and the tiktokker had no punching power. You can watch the Video from Adin Ross reacting to HSTikkyTokky vs Zherka to get a clear glimpse of what’s happening.

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