Who played the best Joker from all the movies.

Joker is a famous character, you might have seen and heard about this DC comic character. The character Joker is a complicated one to play. The character has a sinister feeling and vibe to it. All the actors who have played the character of Joke in the past have done.

Cesar Romero, Jared Leto, Heath ledger, Jaoquin phoenix all the iconic celebrities played the iconic role of Joker in the movies, we will compare their looks, backstories and definitely their acting skills will be elaborated so you can decide which Joker you like better.

Cesar Romero: 1966 The first Joker on screen.

Joker is the well-known character from the DC comics but the first time viewers go to see the highly anticipated character of Joker live on the screen was back into 1966 in a Batman series.

Cesar Romero appeared as the Joker on screen. However, he appeared on the screen for a while. It was the first time people witnessed the Joker’s character on the TV screen.

The Look: Cesar Romero

Okay, so before we dig and find out the qualities and some points that differ them. The first point that gains the public’s attention is the look and physical appearance of the character Joker. The character is sinister and finds happiness in misery, the makeup should be something horrifying simple and thrilling. The makeup of Cesar Romero is not spooky, its rather a little weird.

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If we consider that the movie was released in 1966 then the makeup is not that bad. Back in those days makeup and special effects were not present to give the characters that spooky and horror touch and affect that e see today.

The Acting:

Okay, the look of Cesar Romero as the joker was not that scary and thrilling as compared to the modern-day jokers but now we will compare the acting of all the jokers.

The movie is quite old and it is difficult to find it on the internet.

the acting is not that something horrifying to watch. Considering that hero based movies were not that intense back in the days. The role is something a mixture of humor and sensitivity but in this movie, they have focused on making it more comic like the movies in the past.

Heath Ledger: The Dark Knight’s Joker

Dark Knight released back in 2008, nobody can beat Heath ledger the way he played his role with an amazing dedication that the whole world loves and respects him even tho his sadistic death.

The Makeup and overall appearance:

The makeup was outstanding. It looked sinister and scary at the same time. The makeup really contributes to building a character’s personality, the dressing choices really affect the outcome of the character.

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The makeup is dark and smudged giving the character a very spooky and disturbing appearance.

The acting:

we all know that Heath’s acting was phenomenal and he gained a lot of praise. Heath told during an interview that he uses to lock himself in his room to prepare himself for the character.

Jared Leto (Suicide Squad’s Joker):

Jared Leto shocked the whole world with his role as a joker.

The Makeup:

Jared gave a very sinister confident to the character and even tho with a load of makeup he could not hide his beauty and cuteness and somehow the character looked spooky and good looking at the same time.

He played the role in Suicide Squad in 2015.

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The acting was amazing as well. His raspy voice and killer behavior really sacred to the audience. People really liked the concept of the character loving another amazingly played character by Margot Robbie.

Joaquin Phoenix:

Joaquin Phoenix will reprise the role in the 2019 movie. You can take a look at his character.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.