Fix Battery Drains Faster in ASUS ROG Laptop

Why Battery Drains Faster in ASUS ROG and How to Fix it?

If you are an ASUS ROG user like me, then you probably have noticed that the Battery is Draining Faster than before. Usually, with time this type of problem appears in every technology out there, but it could be related to Software or Hardware at fault. To help you out, we have here a Guide on Why Battery Dains Faster in ASUS ROG and How to Fix it.

Why does Battery Drain Faster in my ASUS ROG Laptop?

Why Battery Drain Fater in ASUS ROG Laptop

The Laptops we use have Lithium-ion batteries in them, also indicated by Li-ion batteries. There are chemical properties involved in them that slowly decrease over the course of time. The environment you use the Laptop in and the behavior/how you use it plays a major role in the reduction.

Besides this, just like we mentioned, the aging process of the Battery is deeply tied to the management settings of the Laptop, as well as the software operations used on it.

It would be easy to explain it with an example. Imagine you have been using two similar Laptops for 2 years. On one Laptop you are using Photoshop and doing Graphics designing, and running heavy programs. While on the other you are just opening Microsoft Word and writing stuff.

Over the course of two years, you will notice that the Laptop with Graphics Designing will have Battery draining much faster while the other one is nearly in perfect health.

The same goes for Gaming, Programming, Designing, or any other heavy process. So, use makes a lot of difference and it is completely natural.

There are also times when you don’t notice the Background process running and there might be a process that is always using your Laptop’s power. That’s why the battery drains faster in your ASUS ROG.

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How to Check Battery Health in my ASUS ROG Laptop?

Check ASUS Laptop Battery Health using MyASUS

Before we jump off to the Fix or Solution, let’s explain how you can actually check the battery health in your ASUS Laptop. The health might not be bad and it could all be a mind game or when it could be an issue. You can follow the Fix we mentioned below.


Most of the time ASUS ROG Laptops come with MyASUS already installed. But if it isn’t you can follow the process here to Install MyASUS

  • In the Search Bar of your Windows, you need to search for “MyASUS” and then open it.
  • Then go to the Customer Support section on your Left MyASUS Panel
  • Afterward, find the “System Diagnosis” section
  • Then click on “Battery Problems”. Keep in mind that there are times when this doesn’t appear, meaning your Laptop doesn’t support this.
  • Plug your Adopter into your ASUS ROG Laptop
  • Click on “Checkup”

For errors, it means the battery isn’t good, but if it says Battery Health is Good, it means you have software issues Causing your ASUS ROG Laptop to Drain Battery Faster.

How to Fix Battery Drains Faster in my ASUS ROG Laptop?

Now to question comes, How to Fix the issue of the Battery Draining Faster in my Laptop? We already discussed that it is most of the time natural and dependent on your own use of the Laptop right after you purchased it. But the background processes or Software that you have might be messing up with the Battery of your ASUS ROG as well.

Hardware Issue Draining Battery Faster on ASUS Laptop

Checking Battery Problems in MyASUS

If the MyASUS Says gives you an error indicating it is the Hardware at fault, you can contact ASUS Product Support to get the Battery Replaced. You can also Buy the Battery from an online store at a lower price and replace it yourself or go to a professional to do it for you.

Software Issue Draining Battery Faster on ASUS Laptop

Changing Power Plan on ASUS Laptop

Otherwise, you might be at the mercy of Software messing up your Battery. For that follow the Guide Below to Fix Battery Drains Faster on ASUS ROG Laptop.

Window Setting Optimizations

  • Close all the Windows that might be open on your Laptop
  • Reduce the Brightness of the Screen
  • Keyboard Backlight is also a Battery Drainer
  • External Devices also Drain the Battery, so un-plug the ones that aren’t used
  • Disable both your Bluetooth, as well as your Wireless Functions because they Drain the Battery in your ASUS Laptop
  • Change the Power Plan on ASUS Laptop to “Asus Recommended” or “Balanced” plan. Remove any 3rd party power plans and use Windows or ASUS own Power Plans. Follow the Guide here to Change Power Plans on ASUS ROG.
Changing Video Settings for ASUS Laptop
  • If you watch videos or movies often, then you need to Optimize the Video for battery life by going to Apps – Video Playback – Optimize for Battery Like. Also, tick the “Play Video at a Lower Resolution” setting.

System Setting Optimizations

  • You might have Some Processes running in the background. Go to Task Manager – Processes and then check the details on Processes. Something might be running in the background, you need to delete it or close it.
  • A Virus or Firmware might be the cause – draining of the battery of your ASUS Laptop. To fix it, you need to Install New Windows or get Software that can scan your PC and remove infections.
  • Uninstall the stuff that is unnecessarily taking up space on your PC
  • Look for the Disk Space. It might be your SSD or HDD that could be nearly at the end. Free up some space for that.
  • Organize the Files in your ASUS Laptop, remove things from the desktop, but everything in folders.
  • Don’t ever click on the unnecessary stuff that pops up from nowhere. I repeat… Never!!!
  • Check the Browser Settings. Most o the time Chrome is the one that drains the hell out of your ASUS ROG Laptop. Close Browser Files yourself and stops them from running in the Background.

Again! If everything else doesn’t work, just save your data, get the new Window installed and Organize everything for the new life.

Our Take on Battery Draining Faster in ASUS Laptop

There are only two things that could be at the fault here when you find that Your Battey is Draining Faster in your ASUS laptops. It could be a Hardware issue, which you can check with your MyASUS Software. In that case, just get a new Battery.

On the other hand, it could be your Software. To Fix Battery Drains Faster in your ASUS ROG Laptop because of Software follow the steps we mentioned to optimize your Windows Settings or your Laptop System Settings.

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