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Why Netflix series”Hollywood” is getting criticism.

Ryan Murphy is going to bring another of his project for us. He is quite famous for dark and raw series like “Scream Queens” and “American horror story”.

Glee is also another noticeable mention in the list of his production. Glee ran doe several years and has a great fandom to this day. His recent work was The Politician on Netflix. However, people did not like the politician that much and it got a lot of hate as well. It failed to make an impression on us like American Horror Story and Screen Queens.

He is back in the news but because he is going to release another series in collaboration with Netflix. He has been working on the TV show for a while now. We are going to get thee the first season of the series on Friday.

Netflix’s White Lines by Alex Pina, creator of Money Heist


After World war 2, there is a group of actors who do anything to make it to Hollywood. Basically, their journey to Hollywood will be filled with dark secrets and deception even betrayal. We are going to see raw and dark fantasy based on Ryan Murphy’s idea of Hollywood.

The show will focus on different actors and their stories. It will take us on the journey of the golden age of Hollywood.

Ryan Murphy said in an interview about the show;

“A love letter to the golden age of Tinseltown.”

Why Netflix series"Hollywood" is getting criticism.

Janet Mock who is the writer and director of the show also had some words to share about the upcoming Netflix series. She said this during an interview with Indiewire;

With the present so fraught and the future uncertain, we turned to the past for direction, uncovering buried history to spin an aspirational tale of what-ifs,” 

However, people have big expectations from the upcoming show and everyone is excited to see the show. Netflix announced a lot of new releases as the lockdown in many countries is still strict and people are staying home.

The cast of the Hollywood:

Darren Criss who also appears on Glee and even American Horror story. They are also going to be part of this project. Jeremy pope and David Corenswet are also going to be part of the series. They are going to play major roles in the upcoming series.

Patti Lupone and Taylor Holland will also be part of the series.

Criticism surrounding the series.

Critics are not happy with the upcoming series and they have many objections with it. Some magazines are calling it Ryan’s poor attempt to create a show merely based on his fantasies of Hollywood.

Variety thinks this about the series:

the first outright dud of his post-‘Glee’ career.”

“The limited series gets so caught up in depicting the Hollywood of Ryan Murphy’s dreams — to be fair, of any progressive, equality-minded, film fan’s dreams — that it forgets to dig any deeper than the surface,

Indiewire‘s Ben Travers also came forward with his opinion in the upcoming series,

He wrote:

“That the series proves an entertaining diversion, but it carries less weight than the smog hovering over Los Angeles.”

Hollywood” is now Murphy’s worst-reviewed show since 2012’s “The New Normal,” which has a 55% critic score and was canceled after one season. It’s lower than “The Politician,” which has a “rotten” 57% critic score. “

It seems like critics are not satisfied or happy by the series. However, people are excited about the upcoming series.

Release date of Hollywood

The series will be released today on Netflix on May 1, 2020.

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