Why Peaky Blinders is the best show on Netflix.

Peaky binders released in 2013 and suddenly became a fan favorite. Netflix got many positive reviews for creating series like Narcos and Peaky Blinders, we have to admit that the show is remarkable. Here are the reasons we think Peaky blinder is the show you are looking for.

Portraying History Beautifully

Peaky blinders was a real-life gang present in the 1890s or 1880s in Birmingham. The show is set in 1920 but is portraying the history beautifully the set location of the show is Liverpool and Manchester, not Birmingham. But still it gives us pure 1920s vibe with coats and caps, Victorian dresses on women, short hair, they captured everything beautifully. Not only the physical beauty captured the attention of fans but the accents and acting skills of talented actors caught the attention of fans. Peaky Blinders is also remarkable because it described the gang culture in the 1900s amazingly, from Billy Kimber to Sabini, we liked watching every second of it.

Scripting, Dialogues and amazing cast of Peaky Blinders

The scripting and dialogues of the show are well written. The show is based on the story by Steven Knight. Its dialogues are deadly and heartbreaking at the same time and smartly written as well. The dialogue delivered by the actors remarkably is also a factor in the success of the show. The next thing that comes is the Talented cast. As you all know the leading man of the show is Cillian Murphy ( Thomas Shelby) who is Irish. His chilling eyes amazing personality caught the attention of fans and made his character Thomas Shelby famous. There is no doubt the actor Cillian is an amazing actor but the character of Thomas Shelby is well written. Paul Anderson and Tom Hardy also played crucial characters in the show.

The story line and Selection of Songs

As we all know the amazing storyline of the show. A gang leader named Thomas Shelby wants to build something in his life and he wants to do it legally. He is always concerned about his loved ones and their safety and business are always on his mind. Not only Thomas but the other members of the family are also well written his sister Ada, brothers John and Arthur and especially aunt Polly. All are fan favorite characters. The other thing that makes the show beautiful and worth watching are the Selection of background music. The music played in this series is good and we love it. The theme song Red Right Hand is one of the best things on the show.

Thomas Shelby: Beauty of Peaky Blinders

we know that we have mentioned Thomas Shelby many times we all know someone who started watching the show because of the Bad boy with Good Heart character. Thomas Shelby is not scared of anyone and will do anything to protects what’s his. We have to agree that Thomas Shelby is the best thing on the series right now and we will cry tons when the series will end.

IMDb Rating

Top Rated TV #57

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