You season 2 review

Why people are disliking YOU Season 2.

YOU” is gaining a lot of audiences. Now with the second season out. Fans have some issues with the plot and especially with the main character. You released in 2018 and there is no doubt it is quite famous on Netflix. Netflix lacks a thrilling series and that is why it became a fan favorite.

The show focuses on the life of Joe. A Psychotic person who thinks he is innocent most of the time. We are watching the show through his narrative. People are having many thoughts about this show. Many celebrities like Justin Skye and even Hailey Baldwin are watching this show creating the hype of the show all over the internet. But you will find a pot of people is disliking thee YOU season 2 because of many reasons.

The Killing of Women in YOU

There are many shows which show the death of many females. But recently, the show is showing a lot of it. They did not show how actually Joe killed Beck and what he did with her body. But the show is literally failing to give the idea and concept. The show ‘s character literally tried to kill his ex Candice but she survived somehow.

But the show’s character is literally killing off a female character for stupid and none sense reasons. Reasons like “Slut-Shaming”, encouraging other people to think Females dare not loyal and they should be murdered if they are not head over heels in love with you.

However, the show is failing to deliver what they want to. They are basically failing right now where they want to go with the story.

Confusing Character

Joe has a very confusing personality. We can not figure out yet if he is a bad murder or some kind of psychopath. Fans are confused as well. It seems like Joe is confused too. Right after killing Jasper (the guy whose identity he stole) he was in denial. He made us believe he did not mean to kill him. It is unclear what the writers and directors are going to do with the future of the character.

Same Plot

Some people are complaining about the repetition of the plot. Season 2 is typically similar to season 1. The only addition which makes the show interesting is Candice. His ex who is actually live even though evil Joe tried his best to kill her.

Other than that the show is pretty similar to season one. Same old Joe being crazy about a woman who will definitely break his heart one way or another. Joe is a typical man he is will try to kill her. But the audience has high hope with the addition of Candice. She is here to take revenge and we are hoping she will save Love from him.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.