Will Laurie Strode die in "Halloween Kills"?

Will Laurie Strode die in “Halloween Kills”?

There is going to be another Halloween movie “Halloween Kills”. The Halloween franchise is one of the longest movie-franchise. There is a total of eleven movies till now. David Green directed the recent movie. John Carpenter also produced David Green’s version of Halloween. David Green’s Halloween got a lot of positive reviews from both critics and the audience. The movie also earned goo at the box office. The movie earned 76 million dollars in the US and 355$ million dollars globally.

Jamie Lee Curtis has assured fans the upcoming movie is a masterpiece and it is going to shock a lot of people. The movie is different from the previous movies. Halloween Ends is also going to hit cinemas next year. Fans believe that it is going to be the last movie of the franchise.


Karen Strode, Allyson Nelson, and Laurie Strode were seen going somewhere in a truck after killing Michael Myers. Michale Myers does not die easily. Laurie Strode knows that he will come back after her and her daughter. Not much about the plot of the movie is revealed yet. But, according to Jamie Lee Curtis( Laurie Strode), the upcoming Halloween Kills is going to be a masterpiece.

“The power, of the rage of voices, big groups of people coming together enraged at the set of circumstances, [is] what the movie is [about],[But] when you see it, it’s a seething group of people moving through the story as a big angry group,” she explained. “It’s really, really, really intense. It’s a masterpiece.”

There is going to be another movie “Halloween Ends”. Fans believe that Laurie Strode might die in Halloween ends. However, Jamie Lee Curtis took a break from the Halloween movies in 1988.

Halloween Kills Release Date

The movie is going to release this year. The movie was planned to be released in October 2020. But, due to the pandemic, they had to push the release date to 2021. John Carpenter commented about the release date of the movie in an interview;

“They’ll mix it in New York in the next week or so. Then it will be in the can. My work is all done. The movie is something else. It’s fun, intense, and brutal, a slasher movie times one hundred, big time. It’s huge. I’ve never seen anything like this: the kill count!”


All the previous cast members are going to return for the sequel as well. Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, and Judy Greer are going to be part of the upcoming sequel.

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