Will the Latest Hogwarts Legacy DLC include Quidditch

Will the Latest Hogwarts Legacy DLC include Quidditch

Sadly developers don't listen to gamers!
Sadly developers don't listen to gamers!

The Legendary Quidditch games weren’t included in the Hogwarts Legacy at the time of its release. Yes, the latest update is bringing Golf into the mix but what about the OG? Well, here are the details on Will the Latest Hogwarts Legacy DLC include Quidditch or it’s just a dream.

Latest Hogwarts Legacy DLC

At the time of IGN Fest, the Hogwarts Legacy director himself told the team that they weren’t planning on an Expansion.

But, as we know for now the developers are launching “Clubs and Irons” which is an expansion for the Magical World of Hogwarts Legacy.

It will bring to you Golf Carts, Trolls, Brooms, and yes, of course… all of that on the Golf Course.

A total of around 18 Hole Courses are being included, along with Long Drives, Challenges, and so on. Whether you are an experienced Golfer or someone who is just here to enjoy the world of Harry Potter, there is going to be a lot of fun.

Is Quidditch in the Latest DLC?

The developers stuck around making a Golf game inside a magical world, but unfortunately, there is no Quidditch news as of now. The “Clubs and Irons” DLC is all about Gold, bringing that magical world together on the Gold Course.

Quidditch being a legendary game in the Wizarding World should have been here instead of Golf but maybe they have special plans for this sport.

We already have the map planned out for the sport here in the Hogwarts Legacy, but unfortunately, we can’t experience the game itself.


The Hogwarts Legacy Latest DLC doesn’t include Quidditch sport included, but rather it has a Golf Course and revolved around this sport only. “Clubs and Irons” is quite a good expansion but it could have been perfect for a comeback with the introduction of Quidditch.

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