Will Thomas Shelby die in Season 6?

Will Thomas Shelby die in Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Peaky blinders have been winning the hearts of people for more than 5 years now. The show is growing day by day. When it comes to fan base there are millions of people who watch this show around the globe. The show airs on BBC but Netflix is also there to distribute the show in America as well.

The show is based on the history of Birmingham. There was an actual Thomas Shelby but his life was not like the life of Thomas in Peaky Blinders

A major cliffhanger in Peaky Blinders Season 5

Season 5 ended with a major Cliffhanger. Thomas went mad after he failed to kill Oswald Mosely who openly supports fascism and is from a fascist party. On the other hand, Tommy supports communism.

Even though on first seasons of the peaky blinders Tommy seemed unpleasant when it came to communists. His close friend Freddie Throne was a communist and his sister Ada is also a communist. It was revealed that Thomas was also a communist before he went to war.

We all know that how much mentally disturbed Thomas and his brothers are after the war. It makes sense.

Back in world war 1, there was no concept of mental health and mental instability. So it makes sense many people suffered mentally after the war. Soldiers were left to be trapped inside their own minds.

Pretty much happened to Thomas. He was seen going crazy with the gun pointed on his head in the last episode of season 5.

Thomas Shelby Suicide

Thomas Shelby thinks he is undefeatable

There are many examples of leaders who killed themselves because they could not see their empire fall. There are many examples just like Hitler. However, Hitler and Thomas both of them are completely different people but just like Thomas thinks he is undefeatable like all of these people thought that too. He was seen pointing the gun at his head so we never know.

Thomas Shelby and Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders

Who knows the writer will make the series more iconic by opting for a plot like Scarface? The famous movie which had the same situation as Thomas and who thought can never be defeated.

What goes around comes around

it is a famous proverb. Thomas and his family were poor from back in the days. They built themselves and their empire because of bookmaking and illegal betting. Even though at first it was just small business and small profits but as time passed it became about DRUGS as well.

Now Thomas takes Opium and always drinking. He is also doing the business of his very own special Gin making. Thomas has done a lot of stuff and bad stuff especially to run his illegal business. He is a good guy there is no lie in it. But there are other gangs and mob leaders who want to take place of Thomas as he stole power from Billy Kimber. Maybe someone stronger than Thomas will cause trouble to him.

Winston Churchill and Thomas Shelby

Thomas was heroically saved by Winston Churchill in season 2. He made a deal of working with Mr.Churchill. In season 5 we git to see Winston Churchill and it seemed like he was counting on Thomas to kill Oswald. So what will happen now? Maybe he will become mad at Thomas? Who knows.

Thomas Shelby drinking too much

Thomas has been drinking a lot lately. He can be seen drinking in almost every episode of the series. He also seemed a little sick and who knows he might have T.B or any other fatal disease of that time. Many fan theories say that Thomas might die because of any disease. He seems pretty dull too.

Peaky Blinders Thomas Shelby

These are just the theories who knows he will die in last season or he won’t die at all? They are theories and we are waiting for the actual season 6 to drop.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date

After the dark and horrific season 5 finale, everyone is waiting for season 6 anxiously to find out what happens to Thomas Shelby in season 6. There is not much news on when season 6 is going to release but it is expected to release at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021.


Most probably, the cast will be the same as season 5. However, Oswald Mosley( Sam Claflin ) is returning in season 6 of Peaky Blinders. Cillian Murphy will be back as Thomas Shelby a.k.a Tommy, Hellen McCrory as Polly Gray. Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne and Finn Cole as Micheal Gray.

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