Windows 10X Overview

Windows 10X Features and Release date

Windows10X is a new edition of Windows 10 that is solely built for devices that are foldable or have duo screen like Surface Neo ( a new dual-screen Surface device that runs MicrosoftsWindows 10X Operating System which is powered by Intel’s Lakefield Processors with a 9″ display joined together by a full friction hinge).

The codename for Windows 10X is Santorini/ Windows Lite.  Windows 10X doesn’t have a brand new operating system rather it is a modified expression of Windows 10 (an evolution of Windows 10 as called by Microsoft) and that’s the reason why the X (for expression) is there.

It is a blend of traditional desktop interfaces with the concepts that can normally be seen on mobile phones or mobile tablets. Windows 10X is not an OS upgrade if you already own a PC. It is a software that can compliment highly flexible, multi-purpose and multi-posture devices perfectly.

Features Of Windows10X:

Some of the important features of Windows 10X are as below:

1. It has a powerful, context conforming and mobility focussed operating system.

2. Optimized for dual screens.

3. Advanced “One Core” technology.

4. An updated UI that can handle duo screen and can perform multi-tasking as well.

5. Availability for both foldable devices and Clamshells.

6. It can flip and fold and slide into many configurations along with intelligently repositioning of apps.

7. It can support Office and Windows apps legacy and modern apps i.e Win 32 and UWP (Universal Windows Apps), PWA’s (Progressive web apps).

8. Work only on Intel-powered devices i.e Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo.

9. The Battery life of Windows 10X using dual screen is feasible throughout the day because of the Win32 App containerization. When a user opens a desktop app, only the Win32 subsystem would be loaded thereby saving precious battery life.

10. The screen can recognize the magnetic keyboard which then creates the Wonderbar that is a carved out section of the display that the keyboard is placed on that you can use.

11. We can click, drag and drop apps across two screens by using the Span gesture.

12. Increased mobility as things can be done faster than ever.

13. More taskbar icons.

14. Configurable taskbar with the user being able to have either a centered taskbar or a left-aligned taskbar.

15. The start menu in Windows 10X is being called the Launcher that is devoid of the Live Tiles seen on the desktop with the latest software. The Start menu of Windows 10X is redesigned to show recent documents, pinned apps, files, and a search bar. That’s why it is called the “Launcher”.

   a. The search bar can search the device locally as well as in the cloud i.e OneDrive.

   b. The start menu includes the local as well as web apps.

16. Seamless updates in the background that won’t interrupt the going on critical work of the user.

17. A new modern File Explorer.

18. The bundle Office apps like Word and Powerpoint would be native to Windows 10X as they would be the PWA versions wrapped in UWP wrapper.

19. The Multi-tasking Feature:
With this feature of Windows 10X, we would be able to see powerpoint presentations at one screen and join a video call on the other screen, open emails at one screen and browse on the other. We can also stretch one app on the two displays.

Windows10X Launch:

Windows 10X would be launching soon in 2020. Microsoft officials have revealed that Surface Neo powered by Windows 10X will be made commercially available during the holiday 2020. There would be a variation in size, design, and specs of the first wave of devices and they all would be powered by Intel.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games