Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl TV Series in Development at CW

The CW is working on a new project “Wonder Girl DC TV Series”. Recently, it was revealed that CW is also working on another show “The Powerpuff Girls”. Now CW is creating another project with Dailyn Rodriguez and Greg Berlanti. Dailyn Rodriquez is also known as the show-runner of Queen of the south as well. However, it is not the first time CW has shown interest in a super-hero show. In 2012, CW started to develop a show called Amazon. The show would have focused on the early days of Wonder Woman. But, due to the production issues, the show was canceled. But, this time Greg Berlanti is excited about the project and this time it might work.


Wonder Girl show is based on the comic of the same name. The comic is written by Joelle Jones. The comics didn’t release yet and will release in 2021. The show is part of DC’s Future Event. The show is based on the story of Yara Flor. Yara’s character will be the new young adult version of the character. It is part of a new event in the DC world. The show is executive produced by the Berlanti production company and Warner Bros as well.

Wonder Girl TV Series in Development at CW

Is CW Wonder Girl Show Part of Arrow Verse?

It is not confirmed if the show is going to be part of Arrow-verse or not. The arrow verse includes The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. However, it would not be good if they introduce the character in the arrow verse. The new show will be part of a new fresh world. Marvel Studios is also working on a new phase where they will introduce the younger versions of the pre-existing super-heroes. Marvel is also introducing another version of Spider-man and Ms.Marvel as well. However, it will be good to see the newer versions of the super-heroes.

Release Date

The series will not release before 2021. It will a little time for the series to be released as the comics are not even released yet. Due to the pandemic, the series might take a little time to be released. However, fans are excited about a new phase.

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