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Writers wanted Chandler as side role in FRIENDS

FRIENDS is one of the most famous SITCOM. The show has millions of fans all around the world and there is no doubt about it. According to the many different sources NETFLIX paid 100 million dollars to Warner Bros for Friens. Warner Bros is going to have their own streaming service. However, Friends is one of the most-watched shows on NETFLIX. You must have heard about it that writers wanted Chandler as a side role

However, the great show with millions of fans all around the globe was going to be different. The directors and writers had a strange plot before the plot we got to see.

Chandler as a Side Role?

The writers decided that the want Pheobe and Chandler as the side roles. The show which focuses on the life of five friends Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Pheobe was going to be completely different.

It would have affected the show a lot. Chandler is full of wit and wisdom. He is sarcastic and yet he is a big reason which makes this group a group.

However, he is always quick with a punch line. His humor is fun to watch and fans can not imagine Friends without him.

Reason for Ross and Joey’s Friendship:

One thing that makes FRIENDS great is the bond between all them. They are not afraid to express themselves in front of their lovely group. However, Ross and Chandler ‘s were buddies since college. If they had Chandler as one of the supporting roles then we would have never got to see all the funny stories ROSS AND Chandler shared from their college times.

Joey and Ross were friends because of Chandler. Chandler was a common friend and the reason Ross and joey had an amazing bond.

Monica and Chandler:

Monica and Chandler married each other because of the amazing and long relationship they had. If he was a side role their married would have lost all the meanings. He is not perfect and his sarcasm might repel some women but with Monica, Chandler could be his self as they both shard a deep understanding as friends.

Phoebe was also a side role at first.

Now it is true that you can not imagine FRIENDS without Chandler. But the was another character who was a side rile at first. Lisa recently told in an interview that she had to give the audition twice. So, there is no shock in knowing this that wanted her role to be as a side role.

However, Pheobe is strange yet amazing. She always has strange stories about her former life. But you can imagine her being a side role she has unique qualities as compared to her other friends. She seems like a person or a character who can be an off and on topic. She seems interested in her own world. But no matter what is the circumstance, we can not imagine friends without Pheobe.

She is completely loyal to her friends and she is always down to do strange stuff. There are no friends without SMELLY CAT.

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