Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Specs, Release Date and Price Revealed

How to Purchase an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S on November 10th

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox is a well-known gaming console that every gamer is fond of. Whether we talk about the graphics, memory bandwidth, or internal storage, everything about Xbox is commendable. Most players choose Xbox over other gaming consoles due to its creditable gaming experience and quality. Microsoft products have an edge over their competitors due to their superior quality. However, when it comes to choosing between different series of Xbox, the players are usually left puzzled and we cannot blame them. Let us elucidate the two famous and much-awaited series of Xbox which are Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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The Xbox Series X initially named Project Scarlett, was announced in 2018. This console is famous as it is able to play 4k Resolution games for its users. Moreover, it has an 8-core, 3.8 GHz, and Zen 2 processor. Some main games available for Xbox users are Halo Infinite, Hell blade 2, and previous games that were available for Xbox users. The gamers can put in vertical as well as a horizontal position as per their choice and convenience. The memory of Xbox Series X is 16GB of GDDR6 which makes it a powerful product.

Moving on to the lesser expensive option i.e. Xbox Series S, it has a 144p gaming option with a higher processing power than Xbox One. It has the ability to perform at 4 teraflops whereas the Xbox Series X has 12.15 teraflops, but if you want to save yourself from the hassle of buying the high GPU power, then you should opt for Xbox Series S. The expansion cards of both the consoles are of the same size i.e. 1 terabyte. Xbox Series X users have the capacity to download a certain portion of textures that are required. All these specifications confirm that Xbox Series S has the ability to run next-generation games with lower resolution.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Price Comparision

Now that we have looked at all the specifications in detail, let us focus on the pricing options of both of these series. The official price is not announced by Microsoft yet but there are some rumours and unofficial announcements currently floating in the market. The price range of the Xbox Series X has an approximate price range would be somewhere around $500, however, an official date has not been announced yet. The price range of Xbox Series S is rumoured to be around $299.

The basic difference in price is due to the variation in specifications as the Xbox Series S is a smaller version of the X series, the price difference is justified.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Specs, Release Date and Price Revealed

Release Date

The pre-order option for the much-awaited Xbox Series X is now about to be open. Pre-ordering can be done after 22nd September 2020 and it would officially be available in the market from November 2020. Whereas, the Xbox Series S would release on 10 November 2020. There are some rumors that state that these two products would be launched on the same date and thus making it easier for the buyers to choose between the two.

Now that you are well-aware of all the price range, features, and the major differences between both the series of Xbox, there is nothing that can stop you from making the right choice. Keep the basic variations and the available games in mind along with the resolutions mentioned above and be ready to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. This informative article makes it clear that both the series are unique in their own ways but one has to decide according to his/her convenience and choice.

So, it’s finally November 10th, 2020 and the Xbox Series X and Series S are finally here to be purchased.

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