Everything you need to know about Xiaomi Band 4

After the success of Xiaomi Band 3, Xiaomi Band 4 has been successfully launched. Although it is only available in China now its soon going to be holding its launching ceremony in the UK.  The Xiaomi Band 4 has a 0.95-inch color AMOLED Display.

It has a voice assistant and Xiaomi band 4 is totally water resistance up to 50 meters. In this case, Xiaomi Band 4 is a considerable upgrade to its very popular predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Xiaomi Band 4 This Mi Band 4 Review has all the things you are looking for.

Xiaomi Band 4 features:


Xiaomi Band 4 has the biggest change in his Display. This upgraded fitness tracker, unlike its predecessors, is the first one with the color screen. Xiaomi Mi Band products had only Black and white displays. Xiaomi Band 4 offers five different colors.

These colors are Black, Orange, Blue, Claret, and Pink. Its bigger than Mi Band 3. Xiaomi Band 4 has a resolution of 120×240 with the benefits of the bigger display. 77 different types of clock face like Overwatch, Ali the fox, Luo Xiaohei, and others have included on the Mi Band 4 by Xiaomi Band. This has customized its look. The wrist strap of Xiaomi Band 4 is of TPU material, which is not easy to wear.


Xiaomi Band 4 shows time, steps, heart rate, activities, weather, a notification from apps, calls and many more things. Xiaomi Band has always given some noteworthy features to their products and Mi Band 4 features include alarm functionally, a sedentary reminder, sleep tracking, notification mirroring, smart home integration and Bluetooth 5.0, etc. The Home Button on Mi Band 4 display is now flat unlike Mi Band 3.

Mi Band has the most prominent feature of sports tracking. Mi Band figure steps and calories while doing exercises. As for MI Band 4, it offers 6 sports which are swimming, indoor running, outdoor running, exercise, cycling and walking.

It recognizes 6 different types of swimming strokes including freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke, and medley due to its upgraded 6-axis high-precision intelligence sensor. MI Band 4 records every night sleep quality information.

Deep sleep or light sleep details are available on Mi-Fit. It has relatively limited fitness features to some top-end Options of some companies. But Xiaomi Band 4 is more affordable.

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