Palia Update Download Percentage/Bar Going Backwards: Why and How to Fix it?

You Can Now Get Rid of the Sign in Front of your House in Palia

Palia has this spectacular house construction mechanism that allows you to basically make the perfect house for yourself. But, there is that strange sign that is always on the front of your house. You couldn’t break or get rid of that sign, but after a recent exploration, you can basically chop down the Sign in from of your house in Palia.

You Can Now Get Rid of the Sign in Front of your House in Palia - Palia House Sign Location that you can destroy

Palia is a massive adventure simulator that allows you to play as a normal human being, exploring around, collecting resources, farming, fishing, hunting, doing the normal day to day survival things we humans do.

You can make the perfect house using the resources, selecting a place, decorating it, and using various mechanics to get around. Then on top, there is a multiplayer function that allows the community to get along with each other.

The game goes beyond the typical path and allows you to edit much about everything. But, it does have its limitations, as developers might have missed out on a sign that is placed on the front of your house.

You couldn’t get rid of that sign before, but players recently found out that they fixed the issue. The developers have allowed the players to chop down or break that sign at the front of the house.

Look at the image above for reference on the sign we are talking about.

How to Do it, you ask?

  • Well, you just have to travel to your house
  • Get something to break with
  • Go to the front
  • Find the sign
  • Break the Sign with something strong
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