5 Reasons You Need to Watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Netflix shocked the world when it released Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. It is interesting and attention catching TV Show and even tho many adults have confessed to be in love with this Show.

The show is not a typical witch High school teen drama. It has depth in it. it is really really dark and gets real when it comes to witches.

And the quality of this show and production is so good. The presentation of this show is 10 out of 10. Great set production everything was so fun to watch. There is 2 season for now but they are completely overwhelmed by the response of the people to this show. If you have not watched the show take a look at the trailer of this show right now.


Kiernan Shipka’s(Sabrina) brief similarity to Emma Watson

When the trailer released fans were really quick to notice the similarities between Emma Watson and Keirnan Shipka who plays Sabrina in the show. And there is no doubt that she is a good actress as well. The role completely suits her and it was a very great Idea to cast her as she is giving us ultimate Emma Watson Vibes Here.

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Creepy right? They look amazingly like there is no doubt why she was selected by the directors. And we don’t mind at all.

Not Afraid of Dark Plot

The directors and writers are not afraid of the dark plot as well. They went completely dark with the plot. It has gore. It has grimoires and it has everything you look in a show with witches. Sabrina is cute and you do not want to mess with her as well.

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The Bold Female Character

The first thing people like about the show was the bold character of Sabrina she is not afraid to express herself and she is not afraid of anybody either. She is bold Fierce and she is a half mortal witch nobody messes with her. The bad-vibe character is so much amusing to watch that we love it.

Sabrina Has to Make a Thrilling Choice in the Show

The series starts with a description of how Sabrina has to leave her old life behind in order to become a complete witch. This sounds really interesting because Sabrina is completely attached to her life as a human. She is fun to be around with. She is also doing good and got an amazing boyfriend. But Sabrina has to leave all of this in order to be a complete witch. She has to leave all of her life behind in order to become a witch. Her parents died and they wanted Sabrina to be a witch. This situation is completely fatal for her and the people she loves around her.

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We are really happy and excited for season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We hope that this series will get more attention and recognition it generally deserves as well

Lion King is returning to big screens

Plot Similarity with Beautiful Creatures

There is a strong bond between Harvey and Sabrina and their chemistry is undeniable too. Fans were quick to relate the plot of Sabrina with Beautiful Creatures too.

Beautiful Creatures is a 2013 Witch Romance movie as well. The plot is much similar to the plot of the chilling adventure of Sabrina as well.

Watch from Netflix.

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