Young Royals Season 2 plot, cast, and release date

Young Royals Season 2 plot, cast, and release date

Young Royals is a Swedish series on Netflix. The series has become quite famous on Netflix. The show gained popularity because of its plot. Fans are calling it a mix of “The Crown” and the “Elite”. The show is about a young prince and his life at Hillerska boarding school. Lisa Ambjörn is the head writer for the show. She explained the nature of the series in her interview with The next rush magazine;

“…in a way, it’s a story about what happens when someone starts challenging a power structure with a long history, and males have been on top of that power [historically], it felt like the right choice to center it around masculinity. You can almost say it’s a triangle drama between Wilhelm, Simon, and August in the sense that August and Simon compete for Wilhelms attention, pushing and pulling him in different directions.”

Is Young Royals renewed for second season?

Netflix has not renewed Young Royals Season 2 yet. It is not confirmed yet whether the second season of the show will come or not, but fans want to know the rest of the story. Netflix will soon release a statement regarding the renewal of the show. The show is quite famous in Sweden and received positive feedback from the audience.

Young Royals Season 2 Release Date

It usually takes Netflix a year to release another season. But, the first season of the show only had 6 episodes. If they continue with the same pattern, we can get Young Royals Season 2 by July 2022.


August leaked Wilhelm and Simon’s sex tape and things become complicated for the pair. Wilhelm was forced to deny any involvement in order to save his family’s reputation and ended up hurting Simon.

In the season finale, Wilhelm asked Simon if they can continue their relationship in private to save the crown’s reputation. But, Simon rejected his offer because it is not good enough for him and he wants more. However, both of them still have feelings for each other.

Will Wihelm go against his family for Simon? Things became complicated for Wilhelm after Prince Erik’s death. Fans are curious about the pair’s future.

Lisa Ambjörn said this when asked about Prince Willhelm’s future at Hillerska;

There are alot of storylines that were cut short in season 1, as is always the, and I’m a writer that has a problem with trying to squeeze to much in anyway. So I feel like we haven’t even begun touching on some of the themes and character developments, so there is a lot to unpack still. 


All the cast members from the previous season will return for Young Royals Season 2. However, Ivar Forslin will not return as Prince Erik because he died in the first season. But, we might see him in flashbacks as he had a big impact on Wilhelm.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.