Young Royals Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Young Royals season 2 was released on Netflix this week. The Swedish show quickly became popular on the streaming platform. The series has a similar storyline to another hit Netflix show “Heartstopper”. Young Royals received mostly positive reviews from critics and the audience. The series has an 8.3 rating on IMDb and a 100 score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans are curious to know if Netflix will renew their favorite show. Netflix is notorious for canceling fan-favorite shows including The Society, I’m not okay with us, and Fate: The Winx Saga. Netflix has not announced anything about Young Royals Season 3 yet. It is highly unlikely for Netflix to cancel a show with a die-hard fanbase.

Young Royals Season 3

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date

There was 16 months gap between the first and second seasons of the series. However, the season 2 series was delayed because of COVID restrictions. So, as there are no COVID restrictions anymore so we can expect Young Royals Season 3 to drop quickly. Young Royals Season 3 of the series might drop in 2024.


Season 2 of the series ended on a cliffhanger. Young Royals season 2 ended with Prince Wilhelm admitting in his speech that he was in the sex tape with Simon which shocked everyone. However, Season 3 will definitely focus on the after-effects of Wilhelm’s speech and the public’s reaction.

Also, Sara left Hillerska after Felice and Omar found out about his relationship with Author. Sara decides to tell the authorities that Author filmed and leaked the sex tape of Simon and Wilhelm. We will find out if August will be punished for his action in season 3.

Omar Rudberg who plays Simon on the show revealed that “season 3 can go in many directions”. He also revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that “Me and Lisa Ambjörn, the head writer, we want to sit down and talk about what we see and what we feel, and the ideas, and what’s actually going to happen in the story.”

“I feel like it was a lot clearer for me when it came to season two,” he continued. “It was like, ‘This happened in season one. This can happen in season two.’ With season three, it’s like, ‘Now we’re talking. Now it’s getting real.'”


All the cast members from the previous season will be back to play their roles.

  • Edvin Ryding
  • Omar Rudberg
  • Malte Gårdinger
  • Frida Argento
  • Nikita Uggla
  • Inti Zamora Sobrado
  • Beri Gerwise
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