Youtube Down

Youtube and Discord are down Worldwide

Our default video streaming platform, Youtube, is currently down and facing issues. According to Downdetector, about 129556 reports were recorded in the past 30 mins. Upon opening a video, it displays a message “Can’t Play”, refreshing resolves it. Discord is also facing issues.

Today, GTA V was given away for free on Epic Games Store and it literally destroyed the server of the Store because of the huge spike in the traffic, and people are unable to avail the game.

How To Get GTA V Free on Epic Games Store

Youtube has yet to comment on the issue we all are facing. #YoutubeDown is now a new trend on Twitter.

Youtube is facing issues Worldwide


The server is back up now, everything is working perfectly. It was down for about only 5 mins. During the pandemic, it is the only source of entertainment, so it’s expected that people go crazy when their only way of entertainment is taken away from them. Especially Gamers, who were currently streaming and suddenly server went down. However, it’s back up, you can continue whatever you were doing.

Masab Farooque
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