Zombie land 2 is coming and from the released poster, we are not disappointed at all.

10 years ago a funny Zombie based released and we experienced horror and comedy together. Zombieland did good at the box office and it is still the favorite movie of many people to this day. We have many feelings about the up-coming Zombieland movie.

Plot Continuation of Zombie Land

We will see what happens in the Zombieland after Columbus and Wichita get together. What will happen to the little sister of Wichita? By by the look of the poster, Little Rock looks all grown up. The real actress is grown up now and was excited to play the role.

She hinted many times on her Instagram profile and was fully happy to announce the news also. We will see more of zombies and their new survival tactics.

We will see after 10 years are there still zombies to bother them? Is the whole world is changed in the Zombieland? We don’t know. You have to go to the cinema in October to find out.

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Addition Of Zoey Deutch

Well, Zoey Deutch is an amazing actress. She has done many movies and she absolutely fans favorite. Fans were really happy when they found out that Zoey Deutch is going to be in the movie, Hence her role is quite unclear yet and the trailer is not out yet so we cannot say much about the upcoming movie.

But we are happy to find out that Zoey Deutch is part of the family. Her presence will give the movie a good effect as her acting skills are remarkable. Zoey Deutch had a lot of gigs last year and now she is part of an amazing and fan loved project we could not be happier to have her in the movie.

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Tallahassee’s Passion To kill Zombie

In the last movie, we saw a Zombie-killer craze guy named Tallahassee. He was crazy about killing zombies and he didn’t care if it cost him his life.

In the movie, we can see that it is his passion to kill zombies and He says that his mother always said that he is good at one thing and now he knows what he is good at is Killing Zombies. So now that it is Tallahassee’s mission to kill zombies what will we see in the movie now.

Is Tallahassee still a zombie killing a crazy man or that he has changed himself ? what kind of relationship he has with other survivors?

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And another Important question is he still crazy about Twinkies?

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The Poster of the Up-coming Movie

When the poster of the up-coming Zombieland released fans freaked out. It was the same as the first series and it is amazing nothing seems to change even after 10 years. Even tho it has been a long time, seriously long time since we first saw the movie but it stills gives a thrilling and funny feeling at the same let’s take a look at the newest poster together.

It is not still confirmed if it is from real sources but one way or another we are extremely excited.


Aliza Fatyma
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