How to Win with GIF Ads on Google

How to Win with GIF Ads on Google

Google ads are pretty much hard to skip, so it has to be worth the readers’ time. This is where marketers begin to consider animated or gif ads over static ads. Read on to discover how the digital market is embracing the use of gif ads and how you can use it to win over your target audience.

Why Gif Ads?

As social media would have it, it’s quite easier to get carried away by animations. Think about it, if there was an animation on one screen and plain text on another, which would grab your attention more? That’s right, the animation.

Moving on to digital marketing, it’s been observed that animated ads grab the reader’s attention quickly and for long periods too. At the same time, there’s an increased probability of having the ads clicked when they’re in gif form.

All these lead to higher recall as the customers find it easier to remember pictures than plain words. And this is further amplified by using animated pictures. It’s all about capturing the target audience‘s attention, so how can that be achieved?

What are the Best Strategies for Using Gif Advertising?

  • Smaller Gif Size Equals Bigger Leads: Customers don’t have all day to spend on the web, so the faster the ads load, the better for your advertising goal. The best way to do so is by reducing the file size of the gif ad.
  • Make Them Short and Memorable: social media users spend less than 5 seconds on media content. Therefore, marketers need to ensure their message is viewed in the first few seconds of the ad. If it takes too long, they’ll get skipped.
  • High-quality Only: never compromise the quality of gif ads. Also, be sure to focus on what you want your target audience to see. Avoid going off-point in an attempt to grab attention.
  • Nothing Too Flashy: gif ads shouldn’t play too fast or contain excessively distracting features. These features make it hard to get the message and, in the end, get skipped.
  • The Product Should Take Center Stage: if your ad is for a product, e.g. a new pair of sneakers, it should be the focus of your gif. That way, customers immediately get a sense of what the ad is about in the short time it’s viewed.
  • White Space and Background: having a bold colour in the background helps bring out the ad and increase its attention-grabbing effect.
  • Add a Benefit: if you’re stuck on what short note to add to your animated image ad, opt for a benefit customers enjoy. This way, customers immediately know what they’re getting and will click to find out more about the product.

Wrapping Up

Every company strives to turn potential clients into loyal customers. The first step to doing so is luring them in through attractive and mind-grabbing ads. For more tips, Vendo Digital has a host of services marketers can look up.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games