Which Type of Connection Should I Get for My Apartment?

Which Type of Connection Should I Get for My Apartment?

Our internet connection is an essential utility, considered nearly as significant as other utilities such as gas, water, or electricity. Thanks to the internet today, we can keep ourselves connected with the world around us while keeping occupied with various choices for entertainment. No wonder, we are busier than ever!

On a serious note, if you have ever underestimated the internet’s impact on your life, think again! Chances are, you probably had to do such a re-evaluation during a life-changing moment. Like moving into a brand new apartment, for instance. Because such moments are probably one of those instances, where you realized how much your life and overall lifestyle choices were now dependent on the web!

Which Type of Connection Should I Get for My Apartment?

Does Your New Apartment Come With Built-In Wi-Fi?

One of the amenities that’s usually furnished by most apartment complexes today is built-in Wi-Fi, which is also included in the total cost of your apartment. This way, you may never have to worry about getting a separate internet connection, once you shift into your new space. However, it is important to point out that this does not apply to all apartment complexes, so you may have to check if that’s not the case. Most residents residing in such apartment complexes can even suggest other internet options, which they can then get added to the pool of ISPs already facilitated by the owners to them.

For instance, you may want to set up a satellite service connection for your new address. Satellite may be an unconventional option for an apartment complex but you can always speak to your respective landlord about installing such a type of connection. Since it requires additional equipment installation (even though the service is wireless), you will need to get permission as the satellite dish needs to be set up somewhere on the said premises.

However, you may not face the same issue, if you decide to get a wireless service connection like 5G for your home. Because then you might not require any intervention from the building owner as no further additional equipment or extra physical changes need to be made to the rental property. Not to forget that this kind of permission also ultimately depends on your contract and your relationship with the landlord.

Are You Wondering What to Do About Your Internet Situation at the New Apartment?

Googling for the best internet service providers is probably among the first things you would do, especially if you are all set and ready to make the move! However, it’s just not enough! After all, every ISP in all  American states, claim that they offer a super-fast and exceptionally reliable connection. But you don’t need just talk, you need to find an internet service that delivers all its promises. And doing just that is tricky on its own!

Another thing that you may have to take into consideration is if your apartment complex offers internet service. This is crucial, especially if you are thinking of getting a new rental. That’s why it’s always recommended to first check the list of amenities with the new landlord to find out what is accessible to you and what is not. Since this varies from one property owner to another, it is better to be clear on all grounds.

Once You Are Clear About This, Let’s Move Onto the Next Thing

Maybe you wanted to get a fiber internet provider for your new apartment since you want a kind of connection that’s usually glitch-free and is considered reliable, making it ideal for a small space like an apartment. But that’s only possible when the new location has your desired option available. Or maybe you have moved to a new city, where there are countless options available but does not have the infrastructure for your desired connection type. That’s why we have a list here that comprises the various kinds of internet connection that are most commonly available. Check with your landlord if these are available at your address:

Fiber-Rich Internet Service

There is nothing better if the internet connection offered by your new apartment is a fiber-based one. Not only does this type of internet connection offer one of the fastest services performance wise but it also falls on the pricier end! A fiber-based connection delivers speeds as high as 1000 Mbps. In comparison with other connection types, fiber is way faster than cable, is highly reliable, and delivers with minimal to no interference. Unfortunately, the only drawback of fiber is that it is not available everywhere in the country and since it’s far less common, you will have to first check if it is accessible at your new address or not.

Cable-Based Internet Service

After fiber, one type of internet connection that’s commonly opted for homes and apartments is a cable-based internet connection. Though coax cable is copper-based, its download speeds can still be compared to its fiber-based counterpart! However, users cannot say the same for its upload speeds, which are on the slower side. Hence, if you have to upload files and documents regularly then you should opt for a cable-based service. Max speeds delivered are 500 Mbps but that depends on your ISP as well!

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is another option that you can opt for in your new space. To get started with satellite, the only thing you need to do is install a small satellite dish. Just make sure that it is installed in your apartment building or near it. For this, you may have to take permission from the owner. Unfortunately, the speed range offered by satellite internet is not impressive as downloads go up to 25 Mbps! Nor are its costs since they are on the pricier side. Hence, if you don’t mind the low speeds and high costs, then get satellite internet. Otherwise, we suggest that you stick with the service network chosen by the building owner for you.

Dial-Up & Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Confusion has often been noticed between these two kinds of connection but the only similarity between DSL and dial-up is that they both utilize landline phone lines. Dial-up is older than DSL and is even slow if you only want to perform basic web activities. However, DSL is much better, even though it does not come close to either a fiber-based connection or its cable counterpart. DSL is said to offer decent speed tiers, which fall between the range of 45 Mbps and go up to 100! And if that’s not a pleasant enough surprise for you, then know that it is good enough for movies in SD, general web surfing, or even streaming some light games! Fortunately, DSL is also easy on the price tag, so that’s something.

Wrapping It Up,

So there you go! Now you know what to do if you want to get your connection. And if you are thinking of using the built-in Wi-Fi then that’s even better since you save yourself from a lot of hassle. On a side note, regularly run your internet speed calculator to keep a check over your speed tiers. And you are good to go!

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