Barriers Don't Stop Damage in Diablo 4

Barriers Don’t Stop Damage in Diablo 4

Damage in Diablo 4 late game sometimes gets out of hand. For that, there are some specific abilities, like barriers, that are used to block damage or stop it. Recently, players in the community posted that the Barriers Don’t Stop Damage in Diablo 4, which is useless, right? Well, here in this guide, we are going to go into the depth of this matter.

Barriers Don't Stop Damage in Diablo 4

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What’s the issue with Barriers in Diablo 4?

So, when you have a barrier on your character, it will absorb damage. At the time of your Teleporting or TPing out of place, you need to have zero damage or interruptions.

Technically, when you are Teleporting or channeling, the Barrier should be absorbing the damage. It should result in you successfully Teleporting around or even using the channel spells without interruption.

Guess what? This doesn’t happen, and there is a clear reason behind that in the game, which we are going to discuss later on in our article below.

Barriers Don’t Stop Damage in Diablo 4

The Barriers are designed in Diablo 4 to stop you from taking Life Damage, not simply “taking damage.” So, even if the Barriers absorb damage, they are simply stopping the damage from reaching your health.

Technically, the Barrier in Diablo 4 isn’t a barrier, but still, the game calls it one. One such example is when poison drains your health, even when you have the maximum Barrier around you.

The poison getting through the Barrier makes the point clear here. Therefore, just imagine it to be a protection from life damage and not a barrier that absorbs damage.

Barriers Don't Stop Damage in Diablo 4

The Verdict

Barriers in Diablo 4 are supposedly there to absorb the incoming damage. But there is more depth to them. The Barriers are named barriers, but they simply block some damage from reaching your health, not absorbing it. Therefore, when you teleport, use channel abilities, or have poison while having a full fledge barrier, any interruption cancels them, or you take damage. Hope this clears the point on the Barriers Don’t Stop Damage in Diablo 4 issue.

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