How To Defeat Stalkers In Helldivers 2

How To Defeat Stalkers In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 throws you headlong into chaotic co-op battles against relentless alien hordes. It’s a blast, but those sneaky Stalkers can seriously ruin your day! Invisible, fast, and packing a punch, they’re experts at surprise attacks. If you find yourself constantly getting ambushed, here’s everything you need to know about how to defeat stalkers in Helldivers 2.

How To Defeat Stalkers In Helldivers 2

What are Stalkers In Helldivers 2

Think of Stalkers as the alien assassins of Helldivers 2. They appear out of the blue, strike hard, and vanish in a flash. Their acid spit and those creepy grabbing tongues can seriously mess up a Helldiver’s day. To make matters worse, they’re fond of ambushing you at the worst possible times!

Stalker Hunting 101

Dealing with Stalkers is a two-part process:

Tag and Track

When a Stalker surprises you, focus on damaging it without killing it right away. Once hurt enough, it’ll try to escape while cloaked. Look for the faint, blurry shape and follow it!

Destroy the Lair

Stalkers always lead you back to their lair, which looks a bit like other bug nests. Your job is simple: shut those bug holes down! Grenades, your good ol’ rocket launcher, or any big explosion will do the trick. This cuts off reinforcements.

Clean Up Duty

A few panicked Stalkers might still be hanging around. Now that they’re homeless and exposed, finish them off!

Stalkers love to pick off isolated Helldivers. Don’t stray too far from your squad, and keep those eyes peeled! Sweep your radar often. It gives away the position of cloaked Stalkers with little blips. If a Stalker gets you with their tongue, stay calm! Your teammates can shoot you free.

How To Defeat Stalkers In Helldivers 2

The Right Tools for the Job

While most weapons work on Stalkers, here are some favorites for maximum bug-squishing efficiency:

  • Automatic Weapons: The hail of bullets make it hard for the critters to get close.
  • Explosives: Always satisfying against massed enemies and nests!
  • Distractions: Turrets or decoy stratagems can divert Stalker attention, letting you blast them from safety.

Stalkers are tricky customers, but with the right strategy and teamwork, you’ll be turning them into bug paste in no time. Remember, communication with your squad is always key to surviving the brutal battlefields of Helldivers 2!

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