How To Use All Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth

How To Use All Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth comes with amazing and unique challenges as you journey through the world. Not only is the gameplay incredibly fun and thrilling, but it also keeps you on the edge of your seat. If we talk about the character attacks, they are exceptionally enjoyable, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience. In this article, we are going to talk about some crazy moves known as Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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What are Limit Breaks

Limit breaks are special moves that give a huge amount of damage to the enemies and every playable character has its Limit Breaks.

These moves have three levels and Level 3 Limit Break is the most lethal move among them. Let’s see all the Limit Breaks of every character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How To Use All Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth

Cloud Limit Breaks

The way Cloud wields his sword in mid-air strikes his foes, and deals with an enormous amount of damage is just amazing. Cloud has 3 Limit Breaks

  • Cross Slash (Level 1)
  • Ascension (Level 2)
  • Finishing Touch (Level 3)

Aerith Limit Breaks

The adorable Aerith. The most amazing part of Limit Breaks is that she uses her Limit Breaks to heal herself and her fellows during the intense battle she can heal her partners to maximum health. Aerith has 3 Limit Breaks.

  • Healing Wind (Level 1).
  • Planet’s Protection (Level 2).
  • Rising Fury (Level 3).

Barret Limit Breaks

This big boy uses his gun (attached to his arm) striking some thunderous and lethal blows to the enemies.

  • Fire in The Hole (Level 1).
  • Catastrophe (Level 2).
  • Satellite Beam (Level 3).

Tifa Limit Breaks

This beauty queen can literally rip the heads off of enemies with her heavy strikes.

  • Somersault (Level 1).
  • Dolphin Flurry (Level 2).
  • Meteor Strikes (Level 3).

Yuffie Limit Breaks

With her favorite weapon in hand, she becomes a force of nature, unstoppable and alluring. Her Limit Breaks are as follows

  • Bloodbath.
  • Inexorable End.
  • Lethal Coil.


This beast, though not the size of a juggernaut, is a relentless force, tearing through enemies with savage elegance and huge vicious fangs. Its Limit Breaks are

  • Bloodfang.
  • Howling Moon.
  • Wrath of the Land.

How to Use Break Limits

Using Break Limits is quite easy, and the method is the same for every character.

  • Let the meter charge, after using each Break Limit the meter will drop.
  • Wait for the meter to charge again.
  • For the ability go to the command section and select Limit option.
  • Select the Break Limit to Attack the enemy.

How to Get and Upgrade Levels 1, 2, and 3

Each character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth automatically unlocked levels 1 and 2 Limit Breaks. The main deal comes with the Level 3 Limit Break. You can only get a level 3 limit break in Folios. Later in the game, you will get to the Folio.

How to Level UP/Upgrade Limit Breaks

The core key to leveling up these level breaks is by using Synergy Abilities. Synergy abilities are also unlocked by folios. This ability uses 2 characters and merges their attacks to form a special attack. The more you use the Synergy abilities the faster the Level Breaks with level up.

The second way to increase the Limit Level is by using accessories that increase them.

How To Use All Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth

Final Words

That is all you need to know; hopefully, this guide will help you. Keep this amazing journey going, and if you find yourself in any problem, do let us know; we will surely provide you with the best solution.

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