How to Complete Beast Battleground Challenge In Final Fantasy 7

How to Complete Beast Battleground Challenge In Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth throws you headfirst into a world brimming with iconic characters, stunning visuals, and captivating challenges. In the vast world of Final Fantasy 7, there are some amazing challenges aside from the main missions of the storyline known as side quests. Upon completing these side quests, you will get some remarkable gains, one of these is the Beast Battleground Challenge. Let’s see how we can complete this quest.

Where To Find the Challenge

You can access this challenge during the Main Scenario “Gearing up for the Race” in “The Dustbowl” region. You will have to enter a tunnel and get to the gatekeeper. You can see the exact location of the tunnel in the picture below. After reaching the gatekeeper interact with him and after selecting the leader you will enter the Beast Battleground Challenge. This challenge will have 3 rounds. Let’s see how we can clear these rounds one by one.

How to Complete Beast Battleground Challenge In Final Fantasy 7

1st Round

In the first level, you will face three enemies, two Ignilisk and one Grassland Wolf. Don’t panic when you see too many enemies. You can easily defeat all the enemies with your normal attacks. Just try to dodge the attacks of the grassland wolf. Among these levels, this level will be the easiest one. Upon completion of level one, you will get five Exquisite Beast Hide as a reward.

2nd Round

In the second level, you will get to fight against Bagnadrana a six-legged dragon. While fighting this creature try to use the strong attacks and operator mode a couple of times, because this enemy will give you a tough time, try to dodge its attacks as much as possible because those attacks will be lethal. After killing Bagnadrana you will receive one Hi-Ether as a reward.

3rd Round

In the last level, you will be facing a dog-like creature known as Test 0. This level will be the most difficult level of them all. This creature will strike you with some heavy attacks and you will have to dodge them because these attacks will be lethal causing a lot of damage. Strike him with your best heavy blows as much as possible use the spells and the abilities when necessary and watch out for its attacks when he starts running at maximum speed it will strike some heavy blows. After defeating Test 0 you will get one Sylkis Greens.

How to Complete Beast Battleground Challenge In Final Fantasy 7

Final Words

Beast Battleground Challenge” will be frustrating, but overcoming the enemies’ attacks is immensely satisfying! Keep adapting your playstyle, make smart choices, and you’ll snatch victory in no time.

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