Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - How To Defeat Zahira

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – How To Defeat Zahira in Queens Blood Challenge in FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth throws you headfirst into a world brimming with iconic characters, stunning visuals, and captivating challenges. In the quaint town of Kalm, you’ll come face-to-face with Zahira, the toughest opponent of the three rank 3 challengers. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to outsmart Zahira and claim victory!

Who is Zahira?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - How To Defeat Zahira

Zahira is a formidable opponent known for her aggressive tactics and powerful cards. Unlike the previous opponents, she actively seeks to control the board early on, making it crucial to plan your moves carefully and counter her aggression with strategic card placement.

Defeating Zahira grants you Card #17: Screamer. This card boasts a wide area of influence, but its cost might seem high compared to its effectiveness. Beating Zahira is crucial to progressing in the “Queen’s Blood” ranks.

If you’re still getting the hang of “Queen’s Blood,” don’t worry. Here’s a quick refresher:

  • The Board: The battlefield is a 3×3 grid with lanes running horizontally.
  • Card Power: Each card has a number in its top right corner. This is its power, determining which lane it can be placed on and influencing who wins the lane.
  • Winning a Lane: Whoever has the highest combined power in a lane, wins it!
  • Match Victory: Win at least two out of the three lanes to claim the overall victory.

How To Defeat Zahira in Queens Blood Challenge in FF7 Rebirth

Here’s how to break down zahira’s play style and counter her effectively, considering the cards you have available:

  • Watch Out for Pawns: Zahira loves to place “Threatened” pawns, making it tough for you to play cards on adjacent tiles. Minimize this as much as possible. With cards like Cactuar and Toxirat, focus on lanes where you can play those safely, as they can be quickly overwhelmed by pawns.
  • Dominate One Lane: Since you have some higher-powered cards like Elphadunk and Security Officer, try stacking them in a single lane to secure a quick win. Zahira will have to use her powerful cards to counter you, weakening her defense elsewhere.
  • Counter Her Counters: Keep an eye out for when Zahira might try to use her strongest cards to block your winning moves. Cards like Mandragora or a well-timed J Unit Sweeper can be used to neutralize her response in a different lane.

Deck Suggestion and Strength

Use the deck below:

  • Cactuar & Toxirat: Play these lower-powered cards on lanes you suspect will have minimal pawn presence from Zahira, allowing you to score easy points.
  • Elphadunk & Security Officer: Use their higher power to dominate a single lane, forcing Zahira to react defensively and weaken her strategy elsewhere.
  • Mandragora & J Unit Sweeper: These cards are your counters to Zahira’s high-power plays. Use them on lanes where you expect her to try and block your offensive moves.
  • Crystalline Crab: This card’s flexibility is helpful for filling in gaps in your defense or unexpectedly countering one of Zahira’s stronger plays.

Don’t be afraid to lose a few rounds to learn how your deck interacts with Zahira’s tendencies. Even within this deck, there are different winning combinations. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Final Words

Your deck has the tools to take down Zahira! With a little strategy and by capitalizing on your cards’ advantages, you’ll unlock that Screamer card. Remember, practice makes perfect. Keep experimenting and enjoying the strategic fun of “Queen’s Blood” in FF7 Rebirth!

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