Steam Deck Stuck on Loading Screen

[Solved] Steam Deck Stuck on Loading Screen

Encountering a persistent loading screen issue on your Steam Deck can be frustrating, but here are some effective steps to resolve this problem:

How To Fix Steam Deck Stuck on Loading Screen

Force Restart the Steam Deck

Press and hold the power button on your Steam Deck for about 12 seconds. This action will shut down the device forcibly. Wait a few moments before turning it back on.

[Solved] Steam Deck Stuck on Loading Screen

Disable Wake Movie Setting

Access the Settings, navigate to Customization, and disable the “Use as wake movie” option. This setting adjustment has resolved the loading screen problem for many users.

Restart Steam

Sometimes, restarting Steam resolves the loading screen issue temporarily. However, this might not be a permanent solution.

Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset on the Steam Deck can often resolve persistent loading screen problems. To do this, navigate to the System tab, scroll down, and select Factory Reset.

Check for System Updates

Ensure your Steam Deck’s operating system is up-to-date. Navigate to the Settings menu and check for any available system updates. Installing the latest updates may resolve the loading screen issue.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing a loading screen issue on your Steam Deck can disrupt your gaming experience. Utilize the provided steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Remember, while some fixes might offer immediate solutions, others may require additional investigation or system updates. If these steps don’t resolve the problem, reaching out to Steam support for further assistance could be beneficial.

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