BattleBit Remastered Best MP7 Loadout Build

BattleBit Remastered Best MP7 Loadout Build

Battlebit Remastered has this spectacular new SMG that is specific to the Engineer and the Medic class. Here in this guide, we are going to share the Battlebit Remastered Best MP7 Loadout Build for these classes. So, let’s get into the details here.

BattleBit Remastered Best MP7 Loadout Build

What is MP7 about?

The new SMG known as MP7 is getting a lot of popularity recently in Battlebit Remastered 2023. It is kind of specific to the two classes known as Engineer and Medic, but still, this SMG is the best weapon as of right now in the game.

For the lovers of quick pace combat where agility and movement matter the most, this MP7 provides you with a fast burst power and gets the job done instantly. You can further customize it around and get the most out of your build.

Both the Engineer and Medic classes are known for providing bonuses to the team in the form of a health check or tech support. MP7 is, therefore, quite an exceptional beginner weapon in the game.

To get your hands on the attachments for this beauty, you will have to level up quickly in the game.

Battlebit Remastered Best MP7 Attachments

Coming to the main point here, the best attachments for this SMG are;

  • Red Dot for the Main Sight
  • Quick A for the Magazine
  • Flash Hider for the Barrel
  • B25 URK for the Underbarrel
  • Just leave the Side Rail off for a while here
BattleBit Remastered Best MP7 Loadout Build


For the MP7, we chose the close-range sight to help you keep your shots in check. Due to the fast pace of fire, you might lose control. Therefore remaining close is the best option here.

Agility is all that matters here for the players. To make the Best MP7 Loadout Build in Battlebit Remastered, you are bound to get the Quick A magazine for a quick reload speed. Following this, there is a slight decrease in the vertical and horizontal recoil here as well.

Who wouldn’t love better control with an MP7? Well, you can get the Flash Hider to do that and also reduce the horizontal recoil. It will increase your overall accuracy, but you will have to sacrifice the vertical recoil.

Finally, for a pumped-up reload speed, we put the B25 URK in the Underbarrel attachment section of the MP7 in Battlebit Remastered 2023.

Why no Side Rail?

There are two things here;

  • Either you increase your accuracy at the cost of revealing your location. This will let the enemies know where you are, which is not quite good for fast-paced players.
  • Or, you can simply let the Side Rail attachment be empty and keep yourself hidden, but there won’t be improved accuracy here.

The Verdict

For the Medic and Engineer Class, speed matters the most. You have to protect yourself and your teammates here. The new SMG is quite spectacular in terms of going with the speed here and that is why it is the best weapon as of right now. BattleBit Remastered Best MP7 Loadout Build requires you to have Red Dot sight, Quick A Magazine, Flash Hider Barrel, and B25 URK Underbarrel as attachments.

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